:brightonfc: Brighton v Saints :saints: (PL)


:brightonfc: v :saints:

  • :brightonfc: Pull their socks up and produce a performance to put :saintsfc: to shame, :brightonfc: by 2+ goals
  • A Glenn Murray scuffed effort see :brightonfc: dominate by the odd goal
  • score draw
  • bore draw
  • JW-P, fresh from his Engerland experience, and the rest of the :saints: up their games and humilate :brightonfc: by 2+ goals
  • Chances, chances and more chance but :saints: struggle over the line by the odd goal
  • JW-P scores another superb free-kick so Oliver asks for more!! :saints: win

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According to the calendar we played this last week @saintbletch please change the date.

Anyway away to B&H Albion. Can we keep up the feel good feeling ?
Will Baz have anything to moan about?
will Bletch wear his shirt if he attends?
Will our foreign players be allowed to play? as we should have left the EU.
will the score be 1-3 to Saints ?

Of course it will.

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I shall be in attendance, so it’s a win, seeing as we’ve won every game i’ve been to this season. I also have a ticket for the Liverpool game.



On top of the flag arriving and the Nun outside the house, unpacked these beauties yesterday.
What can possibly go wrong…

Oh wait, it’s Saints



is it the Farlmer parmer stadium

Get orff my pitch?

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@SimplySaint and I continue our enforced abstainance in the vain hope of success. May all our goals be scruffier and more plentiful than Murray’s. COYR



Will you be going again this season?
The Wolves game, after we’ve beaten Liverpool(hopefully condemning them to another season of “next year”) could be a good one and might just make us safe(ish).



Nope - my promise (over a rather fine Rhubarb cider to @Fowllyd and @Bucks ) was that we will not set foot on the hallowed turf until it’s mathematically safe to do so. We’ve not seen a Saints win this season - there has to be a correlation.

My attendance is in spirit …


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Totally with you on that seedy. I have chances to come to UK but am pushing them back beyond the season end so I can resist temptation. (Last win I saw was Arnhem away)



Anybody want to crowdfund me into attending a few games?
I have 5 weeks off from April 11 and could attend a few games.
I haven’t seen us lose live in over 4 years



Back when I was a fookin student in Brighton, the Amex Stadium site was farm land - a corn field in summer.

I’ll leave out the jokes about sowing seeds, but at least I was able to bare my arse at the location without getting arrested, not like what would happen if I did this weekend…




I’ll fund a couple of pints, if you make as far as the prematch beers. You’re on your own to that point, sorry.



Any update on Bednarek & his flu? Seems a Polish bug is everywhere here and fast moving. A Nephew got it from school yesterday & he gave it to the whole family by this morning at the in-laws and has them all wrapped up in bed coughing.
Hope he’s in quarantine
(At least Bertie has some company isn’t the answer I’m lòoking for)


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He read my reviews of him on here and took note, good lad.



Michael Oliver is going to be this weekends guest adjudicator. I don’t think he’s too bad to be honest

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Thank goodness Koeman didn’t take your advice to get shot of him. :lou_wink:



3 weeks. Aussie rules even started. Thank goodness the real football is back! No prediction here as per usual but v excited to watch the game again

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I never watch unless it’s on mainstream TV. I listen on the radio whilst walking the woods and fields and then if the game is poised in the last few minutes…I turn it off and continue a relaxed walk. :lou_lol:

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