:pl: :brightonfc: Brighton and Hove Albion v Saints :saints:

:brightonfc: v :saints:

  • :brightonfc: and :saints: both continue their start of season form, :brightonfc: win easily by 2+ goals
  • a typical dour encounter between the 2 teams see :brightonfc: win by the odd goal, probably scored by Glenn Murray!
  • bore draw
  • score draw
  • :saints: turn on the style and hand :brightonfc: a thrashing, :saints: win by 2+ goals
  • Danso starts, Danso holds firm, :saints: score a jammy winner
  • what @Barry-Sanchez says, he knows his football you know

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Righty-o, looks like I’m first cab of the rank!

As my “no prediction” predictions aren’t working this year, it’s time to put my money where my mouth is.

Apart from the fact we probably need a result for confidence, I reckon we may surprise the tit rubbers and get a W or a D at least.

Although Liverpool were obviously tired, our performance was pretty good mister and considering THAT miss, should have gotten something out of the game.

I reckon Ralph needs to say “Fuck the opposition’s formation, let’s rock n roll” but let’s face it, that would make us more Blackpool than Southampton. It may be the way to pick up points for the remainder of the season, not 10 games from the end when we are battling relegation.

He also needs to settle on his defensive pairing as I say start with 2 CB’s and you can always move to 3.

So, um, yeah. That’s my thoughts


NB we will not be battling relegation its two games in lost away and then lost to the european champions just.
Lets wait until end of bazza’s month to condemn the team and managment.


Yes, I do know we will not be fighting relegation. I would like us to set up to attack is all, not set up to nullify and nick one.

Please don’t change the thread title on match threads. They get pinned globally. They’re pinned so that newcomers see as a Saints site first, and not a fucking madhouse.

That realisation should rightfully dawn on day two :slight_smile:

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And you fucking changed it back


Until your minion made all the threads we could start our own with titles not the boring shit we get now

Mine might not of been the funniest or appropriate but i had a go.

Didn’t get it, personally - and that was the real problem with it. First time visitors wouldn’t have had a clue.

Not the nine oclock news some time ago


It’s a game of football. Its that old fart vs a mistake from our defence, static Dunk vs not up to it yet Che.
Will I be working? How can I find more passing Saudis to ask to see their phones to let Ings score?
I really need more sleep.

Slightly before my time, although I have watched some on YouTube.

Anyway, back to the football. I think we’ll get our first point(s) if the season here.

We’ll lose this too

I do worry how well Brighton have started the season under the new manager.

I think it should be known as the post-Hughton bounce.

I remember Pardew being the beneficiary of it at Newcastle. Hughton have made them defensively amazing but his Pellegrino-esque reluctance to try to win matches got him the heave-ho.

The new manager then comes in and reaps the benefits of Hughton’s amazing defensive coaching but gives them a bit more freedom.

They will stifle us. Can only see a draw at best.


Can i change the thread title to Poofs Ville v Saints

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No you can’t, you’ll offend half of the regular Sotonians posters who will feel obliged to “like” your comment to cover their sexual proclivities.
Answering for several friends.


I love your answer so you change it then

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No I can’t, I’ve just “liked” your original post. :cold_sweat:

Not looking good … Mr Friend is the wanker in black and will be (un)ably assisted by Mr Mason on VAR. Fucking doomed I tell ya!! The only saving grace is that we aren’t playing LFC or MUFC so they may struggle figuring out who the top dog is out of us to favour. The deciding factor could be which fans give the best pre match Bell End Noshing … any volunteers on here to compete against Brightons seasoned (salty) cum gobblers?