:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


You know, sometimes you really are obviously trying to push buttons - you need to get more subtle in your trolling development… I have not assassinated anyones character, merely posed a very simple question - who is he and why should his opinion matter more… just because in this modern twitterfucker age, everyone seems to think their opinion is worth more than someone else’s… yet you have tried to twist this to suit your own. Its called a principle pap - you know that thing you like to pretend all our opinions are based on (as opposed what you read in the 1970s-guide-to-being-against-the-Common-market) - One needs to assess the inherent bias, before championing such a piece or otherwise…

I did indeed read that piece and its typically light on any facts and biassed in the extreme… its a POV, nothing more. Did anyone really expect a transition period in which we were already fully autonomous? Seriously? And why is everyone suddenly so desperately scared of the ECJ… can you name me one ECJ piece of legislation that you find so reprehensible that it makes you shudder to keep it within UK law for the transition? Even that twat ReesTwat could not think of anything when pressed… do hyperbole such as ‘EU colony’ not clearly ring the arm bells of bias detection? for someone so ‘educated’ and principled., they surely should…

Its one mans opinion being elevated to mean much more because? He is able to express it to a larger audience than maybe 10 years ago… when as I said before, no one would have given a fuck… is this a good thing? well I am sure it is for all those taht agree with him, but its no different form a bunch folks agreeing on something down the pub and to pretend it is, is just your own version of propaganda


Thing is, @Map-Of-Tasmania, you’re still not providing a response, beyond smearing those that disagree with your viewpoints.

The headline of that article is that May’s deal will turn the UK into an EU colony. How’s about starting with that?




This is my favourite bit.

Whether foreign funds secretly supported the Brexit movement has become the focus of intense speculation and investigation in the U.K.

Partly because it isn’t true. Partly because George Soros and People’s Vote pals.

Mostly, though, it’s because the whole Leave debate was predicated on how much unchecked influence and political power foreign states have in the UK.


I didn’t say anything about his opinion being ‘any more valid than some bloke in the street’.
It does add to the cacophony slating May’s deal though doesn’t it?


KNow this really is funny. Firstly I have to laugh at you for cheekily criticising me for not reposnding - from the man whi simply ignores around 90% of questions posed to him… secondly, please can you explain how asking who someone is and suggesting his opinion is no more important than anyone else’s is assassinating his character? Please I am all ears

As to responding to his comments, I already did. He uses ‘Mail’ like headlines - ‘colony’ a hyperbolic emotive word to start with. Next he acts as if EU legislation impacting us during the TRANSITION is somehow evil and unexpected… was pretty much a given the moment TRANSITION was mentioned. He then seems a little put out that the UK will be subject to ECJ during the TRANSITION, which was also a given and I then asked you, was there any particular piece of legislation that was so heinous that this was such a big deal anyway? As mentioned, none of the Brexiteers have come up with anything they would put in that category…

Your problem pap, is that your trolling is not up to much… at least Turkish was a full on transparent cyber bully just laughing at those he was able to wind up… at least he was honest about it. You are about 1/10… drop a few bombs then act all sanctimonious and hurt when someone calls you out for being a small prick about it… ‘I’ve got more pub mates on here than you’… which is fucking hilarious😂

Where are Rally, TCK, Bucks, tokes, Soggy and several others these days? You like to believe they just ‘flounced ‘ off in a huff and can’t handle your ‘Brilliant intellect’ … truth is folks just get bored with your obsessive sniping and then patronising self righteousness… and have much better things to do with their time. It will end up with you just talking to Barry judging by the traffic figures…


Does it really though? The ‘noise’ from both sides has less to do what’s actually in the deal and more to do with political posturing… how many of us have read the 500 odd pages and can therefore feel confident in assessing it? I have not, but this chap who has has picked on 2 things in 500 pages - two things he seems not to like… not sure that filled 500 pages. Point is with any compromise - and any deal will need some on both sides, there will be things folks don’t like. And these are the things folks are vocal about… Just from the headlines, I can see there are things that Brexiteers should be happy about and same goes for remainders, but to think a deal would satisfy both sides more than 60% is silly.

Truth we need to stop assuming we know what voters think of it on both sides and just fucking ask them. I happen to believe that a majority on both sides would accept compromise… as most did not vote out of some ideological position, but on practical issues and in protest against the impact of the last 10years of ‘establishment led’ austerity


FC with the smackdown there.

The problem is @pap is turning into Shurlock-lite, but without the same intelligence. It’s the way he accuses people of dodging questions, when for the last God knows how long it’s what he’s become famous for on here - and the funniest thing is everyone comments on it. He tries to “style-it-out”, but everyone is aware of what he is doing, which makes it all the more cringeworthy…


Seriously, I don’t particularly like having a go, despite what Pap may think, but it just gets all ridiculous and well, some things need to be said. Its all very well Pap saying the forum survives and flourishes without individuals who he does not really get on with, but when numbers dwindle and activity falls you have to question why/what is the point?

I think Pap also forgets that not many folk have the sort of time he has to read everything they can (albeit from one POV only) - My job, family, domestics,DIY all leave me with little time and I can’t be arsed then depressing myself reading through biased bullshit just to answer some scrotes on a web forum… it’s time I won’t get back.

These places do need passion and a bit of niggle now and again, and it’s understandable it spills over when things are so divisive, but it’s the patronising, sanctimonious crap that is The turn off with the odd throwaway yet out of order shit that leaves me wondering why I bother - not hurt or in need of flouncing off, just there are much better things to do…


You’ve still not really addressed any of the points. I think it safe to assume you’re not going to.

You’re a bit obsessed with Turkish though, aren’t you love? Am I your TRANSITION?

No-one likes to be the rebound.


Now, MoT, if you’d have been married to my ex wife, then you’d have no issues on here with Pap or Bazzaar - after 26 years of being told I was never right and never good enough and never winning an argument, it makes being able to cope on here so much easier.



I’ve lasted 30 years with mine phil, finally cutting the cord after Christmas :+1::+1:


Some interesting news on Brexit this morning. Jeremy Cunt was one of two Conservative ministers today not to say whether May’s deal would make the British public better off. Mr Cunt, the present Foreign Secretary, also thinks that the government could fall if the deal is voted down. Some silver linings there, then.

Across the Channel, Jean Claude Drunckr is telling people that this was the only deal possible. This complete shite fed to journalists by a man that doesn’t realise sobriety is possible.


A criticism of my post…

A few posts later

Sums your posting style up very nicely…


Drunckr doesn’t need anyone to assassinate his character. Here he is. The man telling Europe what is and isn’t possible. On his way to a NATO meeting.



I am finding it interesting that nearly all politicians from both sides who were all very vocal about the ‘will of the people’ as provided by the referendum, have now happily relapsed into traditional politician mode of ASSUMING they know the will of the people re the deal… if so concerned about the ‘will of the people’, surely it would only be fair to ask? Instead the deal will become another typical political football / points scoring exercise based on what they think will deliver more votes/personal POVs…


What assumption?

What bit of this question do you not understand that the British public did?

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

And how does May’s deal square that? Politicians are simply pointing out that the referendum result has not been observed. The will of the British people was to leave the European Union.

May’s deal leaves us in without a voice. Where was that option in the question?


So you assume he is pissed… as opposed to symptoms of illness… and if he is pissed/stroke alcoholic, that is fair game for piss take is it? Nothing surprises me anymore about your ‘character’…


Oh dear… I love how you just wont ever concede that maybe, just maybe, that many may have voted one way based on one or two specific issues eg immigration control, and had their been an option to retain all market ties but without open borders, we may have seen a different result… ?

… you always over simplify everything to suit your POV… Most on both sides would have voted as they did because it would be impossible to reconcile their one or two main issues by voting the other way… not through some black or white ideological fantasy that you like to continually project on to all who voted…


As far as I’m aware, drunk people making complete fools of themselves is always funny as no one gets harmed. See office Christmas parties about to go off in the next month, as an example. That’s funny.

Drunk person supposed to be President of the EU Council? Not funny. The fact that he hasn’t had to rely on a single public vote for his public purchased piss ups, even less so.