:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


Point of order, a porpoise is a mammal not a fish!!

Now get on your skates and stop fishing for laughs,



Finance Minister? he looks like he he might ‘negotiate’ with a baseball bat and make offers no one can refuse… :crazy_face:


You’ve never heard of Varoufakis then?

What he tried to do was negotiate a debt package that Greece could actually pay back. His plans had IMF backing. Greece was told to do one by our German friends.

In the years since, every bit of public owned Greece that was not nailed down has been sold off. The bits that were nailed down had the nails sold into private ownership too.


Of course I had heard of him, just not seen his pic…

… as with all these things, rather than start mid story about how nasty the Germans and the EU are towards one of their members, how about directing HOW Greece got into the mess in the first place, the fact they WERE able to call upon EU to bail them out etc. I am not saying the they have not been hard done by, but like to hear the full story before jumping on bandwagons… where would they be now without EU bailouts for example?


Who allowed Greek expenditure?
Who benefits from it?


They were lent the money by French and German banks that knew that the Euro would never be allowed to fail.

Just before those French and German banks were due to go under, they threw Greece under the bus to settle loans that should have never been issued.

The French and German banks came through unscathed.


I’d truly be amazed if this deal passes the house, if it does then it truly shows how duplicitous and careerist tories are.
Scots tories won’t agree to anything over fishing rights.
The DUP won’t agree to anything concerning the hard border.
Labour mp’s who are pro deal and EU can’t go against their constituents or they’ll be out and labelled self serving snakes.

The only ones who can go for this are pro EU mp’s, pro EU constituencies and the ones who were on the fence before the vote (people will obviously find out what they said and when they said it).

This mp vote is solely about this proposed deal, nothing else.

This is a pro EU deal in my opinion and should be tossed on the fire.

No deal is better than this shit.


Went to an interesting presentation today with 90+ Business leaders and a Labour peer ( the Tory mp due to speak was told to get back to the commons)

On Brexit all but 3 people did not want a second referendum even if it could guarantee a remain vote

The vast majority would also accept this deal over a no deal

Basically no more chaos please


The other pervading thought was that if the staunch remainers hate the deal and the staunch Breixteers hate the deal, then May has probably got the most pragmatic deal we are likely to get


It’s an understandable point of view. It’s worth pointing out that the chaos can be landed at the Conservative Party’s door and the chasm between Theresa May’s political ambition and her political acumen. We’ve had eight years to judge.



So May has come up with a deal that the remainers don’t want because we give up all influence and gain nothing, and the brexiters don’t want because we give up all influence and gain nothing. She has managed to unite the country. Rejoice!
This whole Brexit farce, from the word go, has always been about power and control of the Conservative party, and they always put party before country. And why should anybody respect the result of a dodgy referendum based on misinformation and lies, illegal funding and dubious use of social media. The former head of the WTO on Channel 4 news likened this so called deal to that which Bangladesh has with Canada, and leaving with no deal would be like going from the Premier league to the Third Division. What a fucking joke this country is becoming.


May is on the Radio now cap in hand to the people, she can get to fuck, this is a disgrace of a deal.

Territorial waters will be traded away.
The EU courts will still have final say on many things.
We can’t deal with other nations.

This is woeful and I’d rather stay in than this and fight another day and bring this shambolic shower of self serving bastards down.



But it’s officially supported by @Chertsey-Saint! :smiley:


Maybe he’ll get a knighthood too. Or at least reserved parking.


See this is the problem with the modern social media age… This guy Jon Holb is obviously a brexiteer based on the tonality of his language used, so hardly an unbiassed assessment. In addition who the fuck is he and why should his opinion be any more valid than some bloke in the street… Social media has elevated everyone who can shout loudest to believing everyone wants to hear it and its their right to be heart… in them olden days, no one would have given a fuck about what ‘Jon Holb’ says… why should we now?

Lets be fucking honest, I suspect many Brexiteers AND Remainers will have hoped for a decent compromise - ideally all the benefits of EU membership as few strings attached as possible - so any deal that pushes that as far as possible is going to contain compromise that refiners might find palatable, yet Brexiteers not so much… the question is not what John-who-the-fuck-is -he’ Holb thinks, but whether enough folks who voted Brexit feel Ok with it… and NO one fucking knows that without a vote on it as opinion polls as we know mean fuck all…


I note that in your post that you provide a thrilling character assassination of a man you’ve never heard of before tonight.

Didn’t see you address anything he wrote in that article, or provide any counter-points which explained why he was incorrect.


Arch Brexiter Nadine Dorries MP, quite rightly, is receiving loads after her interview with Sky News the other day, where she slammed her dear leader’s deal, complaining that we won’t have any MEPs or a Commissioner. Hahaha. Beyond parody! Poor old Nadine, i thought after she went on I’m a celebrity’ and expressed surprise that her constituents were less than impressed with her interpretation of the job description for their MP that she wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box, (Tool being the operative word). The poor dear thinks that by leaving the club we can still have members and chair the committees. She is amazed that after Brexit we won’t have MEPs!

I always thought you had to have a modicum of intelligence to be an MP but it seems i am mistaken. If brains were gunpowder Nadine wouldn’t have enough to blow her hat off.