:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


You are such a hypocrite, it really is hilarious.

Still waiting on you to demonstrate how shit you are at economics.


The City of London are elite, dodge tax and hoover up nearly all of Britain’s talent pool.
What do they give to regions outside of London?

Bollocks to London, London is so far removed from most of the rest of England and its opinions, they don’t reflect what most think.


Not quite getting your post… but sort of think I get the drift… That is the point - I can not and never will blame anyone for voting because they believe it will give them more opportunity to improve their circumstances - I do however blame those those who sell them false dreams, especially when those doing the selling are part of the same fucking establishment and don’t give a fuck about the poor, just see an opportunity for power and making a killing… Truth is Brexit will not deliver the poor from their shit… it will just even them someone else to blame for it


False dreams?

They’ve been sold to the North for years, they knew they were lying this time.

They simply knew this would hurt the fat cats in London.

Don’t patronise people into thinking they didn’t know what they were voting for, they didn’t really care beyond it would hurt some who’ve inflicted a generation of pain.

The South and principally London.


And thats a good reason for voting as they did? Sorry, but I do think many also wanted to get a better deal as promised, less migrants, more sovereignty would lead to this they were told… now teh best they might get is ‘it wont get any worse’… I doubt many up North were just focussed on London…


They have nothing and no hope, scorched earth policy.


Given the range of weirdos and their even weirder afflictions in forum land, I’ll take that.


OK, so what am I missing?

The draft document stresses that any final deal with the UK must not interfere with the EU’s “four freedoms” - the free movement of goods, services, capital and people within the remaining 27 EU nations.

So that is a nothing has changed Brexit then? Or just that whatever we agree mustn’t start the snowball rolling?


Within the remaining 27 countries…


It’s probably about time Jeremy Corbyn read it :smiley:


What about the fishing rights?

This is one that sticks in the craw, it’ll also lead to another Scottish independence referendum, it’ll be an awful lot harder to preserve the union when we have sold the fishermen down the river.


I think fishing rights is a red herring.


I wish they would stop carping on about it


I think it’s quite a complex issue and you should take more time to mullet over.


I don’t think they will be left to flounder about without an agreement


Cod almighty.


The real problem is a general lack of porpoise in the negotiations


Not sure this is the right Plaice for this debate… a load of old Pollocks


Bet this would all really annoy Alex Salmon…


Not as much as Nicola Sturgeon…