:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


Barry, please read the post for context - consider ‘exploit’ a tongue in cheek comment - it really is very simple - allowing those from countries we have exploited, the opportunity to live and work here to better their lot - it was in reference to our former colonies/Commonwealth etc…

I was ‘debating’ at what point/criteria our ‘obligations’ might cease, or whether as a true socialist, such issues matter not, that all with a desire to better their lot should have opportunity regardless of where they come from…


For your “context” I read a cheap snide shot and its ok for us to be exploited as we exploited years ago?
How is that progressive and how is that humanitarian?



If you say so Barry, if you say so , it must be so… What is pathetic is your inability to comprehend a simple point - a simple question to our socialist friends, where does your compassion stop?


Compassion doesn’t stop, neither does a national interest.


To be fair to the Germans, it’s less extreme than some of the stuff they’ve done in the past.


Give them their dues, they are trying to stop the French and Spanish playing silly buggers at the 11th hour


Yeah, but May is also seeking concessions too. I just found it an amusing demonstration of where power actually lies in Europe.

In related news, I do find May’s present “no Brexit at all” threat a little shite. Does the Prime Minister really intend to ignore 17.4m to whip her MPs into shape?


Time for a poll.

Do you support Theresa May’s Brexit deal?

  • Yes
  • No

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No, because I don’t support leaving the EU.


Given the choice of her deal or no deal, where would you stand?


That wasn’t the question. Has @pap been taking lessons from the Tory Muppet’s who set the original referendum question?



We can always ask another.

What’s better?

  • Theresa’s Deal
  • No Deal

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No, because it makes us more beholden to the EU without being able to do anything about it… That was in reply to the first poll.


It was my question - out of interest as to what a remainer would choose as opposed to any point scoring


In that case I’d prefer May’s deal to no deal. Most likely deal to force us back in altogether in 10 years.


That’s not true though, is it. As a remainer, presumably you follow the “it’ll be a disaster if we leave” line. Therefore the best you can hope for is the worst outcome when we leave, which is more likely to propel us back into the land of milk and honey that we’re abandoning than a trading deal which might mask what a disaster it is. Or something.


Yes, but I also have to put the lives of the poor into consideration - if we leave and it’s a disaster, the poor will get considerably poorer, with only the disaster that is universal credit to keep them going. Personally I can’t find it within myself to accept that kind of collateral damage.


It’s the poorest areas which voted to get us out. Most of the affluent areas voted to stay.


So? A lot of the poor vote for the Tory’s even though it is bad for them. What’s the relevance? They voted out, so fuck them, hope they die?


Quite. Chertsey is just the latest incarnation of an identity that has consistently cared about the poor. See also; Unbelievable Jeff and Dibden Purlieu Saint and you’ll know he really cares.