:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


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Seems the Gruaniad is doing a big thing on populism in politics.

Lots of points and extracts

Populism is sexy. Particularly since 2016 – the year of the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump – it seems as if journalists just cannot get enough of it. In 1998, the Guardian published about 300 articles that included the terms “populism” or “populist”. In 2015, these terms were used in about 1,000 articles, and one year later this number had doubled to almost 2,000.

The increasing popularity of the term is no coincidence. Populist parties have tripled their vote in Europe over the past 20 years. They are in government in 11 European countries. More than a quarter of Europeans voted populist in their last elections.

Why? There is no easy answer to this question. Recent academic studies have shown that throughout the western world populist attitudes are widespread. Many citizens take the view that ordinary, virtuous people have been betrayed, neglected or exploited by a corrupt elite. Although citizens with strong populist attitudes do not necessarily vote for a populist party (in fact, many of them don’t), there are various circumstances that increase the likelihood that they will do so.

The changing media environment also plays a role. Because of dwindling subscription rates, traditional media increasingly focus on topics they expect to sell well, such as scandals and conflict, fuelling the sense of crisis that populists can draw on.


Some of us have no issue with making mistakes… its not that big deal, and I can laugh at it as per post to Scotty… but have the common sense not to be a patronising dickhead about it… whilst lacking any self awareness of their own inconsistencies…


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Hold the second referendum tomorrow, anti-democratic folk.

That decisive Remain argument has finally landed.


Can you further that please?


Imperialism Bazza, ours was between around 1570-and 1940s … Germans from about 1914-1945


Imperialism isn’t fascism, imperialism can be used and done in many different ways.
I’ll make this very easy, ALL nations have shameful pasts, good people point ALL actions from ALL nations out, not just European powers through self loathing.
I think you need to learn a bit about the formation of Germany, treaty of Versailles and a few others from around that time.

Racism and slavery are all around us in this Country, Dubai is being built on it, there are caste’s systems in place that are inherently racist and sexist.

Concentrate on that maybe?


So capturing all of Eastern Europe after the Cold War doesn’t count? :smiley:


You have lost me again with respect to relevance here Barry… the point being made was a very simple one - in that given how we have previously exploited other nations, is it not fair that we allow them to ‘exploit’ us a little to improve their lot?




Back to point, if Spain looks towards Gibraltar, point to the treaty.

If they keep looking point towards their African enclaves and the Canaries.


No, why would we allow exploitation?

Explain exploitation in your terms and your example of it.


Its a disgrace, the whole place was and is being built by modern slaves, they don’t even have a chance of living afterwards.