:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


uhm… maybe he should just get a new job and make 8 people redundant… fuck me its ToryPap


Maybe he should find a UK supplier.

What was your advice to him, btw? Not that a single anecdotal sob story makes much difference, but I’d be interested to know how you helped him.


Didnt they use to make bikes in Birmingham?


Norman Papitt

‘’ Igrew up in the 30s with an unemployed father. He didn’t riot; he got on his bike and looked for work and he kept looking 'til he found it.‘’


Nottingham … this is not Raleigh … it’s bespoke custome artisan frame builders… the UK equivalent don’t need UK representatives/distributors…other manufacturers are signed up to other distribution contracts… those are not is because there is no demand in the UK… changing this is not an option unless some become dissatisfied with their current contracts…

But it’s OK I told to pack it in and get a job, based on good old socialist principles as defined by comrade Norman Papitt


That’s an insult for Tories TBH.


Maybe he could be one of these 100’s of entrepreneurial companies that will suddenly pop up and replace all the jobs that are going?


Now I dont know the in’s and outs of Bespoke custome bikes but surely a welder and pipe fitter plus a mechanic to put the chain on could do the job ?


To be fair in this case there are some excellent IK frame builders but they don’t need distributors in the UK as they sell direct to customers in the UK


You are correct, you don’t know :joy:


Go on then give us a clue what trades do I need to make a bespoke custom bike?

Serious question as the welder, Pipe fitter and mechanic were all I thought i needed?

Maybe a hydraulics tech for some pistons?


Do you know what, I am going to laugh my fucking arse off if we don’t do a proper Brexit…


Have you been laughing for the last 2 years?
It’s been obvious from day one that the halfwits (supposedly)dealing with it were unwilling and unable to perform a “proper Brexit”.
@Map-Of-Tasmania tell your mate to become a chicken farmer(or any farmer), as getting what we consider edible food, will be a challenge once Fox has sold us down the river to our “special relationship” partner(so special they vetoed us getting a WTO deal).
Here’s some of the wondrous things us lucky idiots will be sold as food(read the list at the bottom).


Materials science is a good starting place as whether carbon, titanium Steel or Aluminium, you need to understand the properties the different grades and with different moduli exhibit… generally think of

Strong, Light, Cheap… you can have two

eg, Strong and light and it wont be cheap, String and cheap, it wont be light Light and cheap and it wont be strong

Then add in the issue the a frame to be compliant in some areas and stiff in others to combine both comfort and handling and power transfer…

… many new entrants in Carbon frames come from other industries such as Formula 1 engineering for tea carbon fibre know-how. Yes you need to be able to do a decent weld with steel frames, but more importantly you need to know how the angels and tube properties (there are many different types in both wall thickness and in composition) etc… building £199 halfords special is not the same as building a £4500 bespoke frame…


Its a bike


I have to admit that you had me stumped there Bazza, i had to look it up. I’m still none the wiser though. For the life of me i fail to see what the definition of cognitive dissonance has to do with my post. But that’s the problem with using fancy phrases in an attempt to appear intellectual when you don’t understand what they mean. You run the risk of coming across as a complete map of Tasmania.


I may be dumb but never so dumb as to believe a politician, why are you so shocked and hurt at a politician lying?




Its conveniently forgetting and holding two opposing views ie holiding the media in distaste and then quoting them as you think it’ll strengthen your argument or being shocked at politicians not holding their promises yet spend all year saying how corrupt politics is.

This is Sotonians and this is what we do.


It’s not just a bike …PhilistineSaint