:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


Really? 2 years to deal with a yet undefined deal, undefined borders, import/exports/duty issues, currency rates etc.

How would you propose you deal with that, as we don’t know what the result will look like?


Eighty percent of British trade is already internal. The common tariff does not preclude people from seeking suppliers and customers from non-EU countries.

It’s called adaptation and diversification.


An aquaintence of mine owns a small but significant wholesaler/importer business specialising in high end bike frames. Hand made carbon and steel frame made in Italy and Czech Rep. etc. 95% of his suppliers are in the EU and his contracts are renewed on a 3 year basis… he chose these manufactures as there where no previous importers and all the main brands are tied to bigger firms - in effect, he cant get product from anywhere else… so trying to understand how a post Brexshit (get it :rofl:) environment will impact on his business is impossible, and no deal could see his business stall if not worse… he employs 8 staff…

To simply dismiss the challenges business will face where they either export, import or import supplies with a ‘just source from UK or outside EU’ is… well sorry but not just naive, but ridiculous. Yes some businesses will be able to source alternatives and will be doing so already and good luck to them as they will need it if quality of goods or supply chain integrity is disrupted or compromised… but for many the uncertainty is incredibly worrying an no deal will see many, especially smaller businesses hit the wall.

But hey they are all rich tories so fuck em right? Wrong…


Your mate has had two years to adjust his business and customer base.

This is your mate, this is.


First up its got fuck all to do with his ‘customer base’ - are you really not seeing the point?

His business is TIED to specific EU manufacturers - he cant change them

Two years to prepare for what we dont know will happen? t- why would he risk his business when we were promised a deal, that it would be easy to continue doing business with EU… yet we head towards a no deal scenario… you need to have a clear perspective on the future environment to make the right decisions for your business, that is the issue.

I appreciate you trying to make light of it all, but the attitude is a very strange one for someone so vocal about their socialist values… because anyone who dismisses this situation so casually and without any concern just loses any credibility with respect to their ideology… ‘I’m alright Jack’/fuck em, they had two years… blah, blah blah… without having a clue as to their business model or impact on them, their families and employees…

… I wish I lived in your little Twitter land bubble where you fire off your little naive political witticisms that are immune to the real world… very special place you live in Pap.


You really do struggle sometimes don’t you?


Just been announced that the National Crime Agency has launched a criminal investigation into Arron Banks and other people and groups linked to the Leave campaign over suspected criminal offences in the Brexit referendum. More than a few MPs calling for Brexit to be halted, or at the very least put on hold in the light of this investigation.
What a complete dog’s breakfast the whole Brexit business is, it goes from bad to worse. But i suppose it gives the rest of the world a good chuckle. Embarrassing doesn’t even come close.


Why are people all of a sudden afflicted with cognitive dissonance?

When was the last time politicians and people of power and influence genuinely did something or said something that was for the benefit for their voters?

If you believed any of any campaign you’re a fool. (with the greatest of respect)


Yes, they seem to be amazed at the negotiating tactics.


Is that article satire?
I’d hazard a guess straight away the French and Germans rival us for arrogance concerning their history.


Have a read and find out.
Leaving isn’t the problem, how it’s being handled is.


I’ve read it, its opinion not fact, you choose to see it as though.


Why do you think that?
Do you believe May has handled the last 2 years well, or like me, believe she’s handled it atrociously?


Two years. After many years of using cheap Eastern European labour to rake it in.

I’ve no sympathy.


What are you on about?

The company is the UK importer of highend custom built frames - a specialist wholesaler as it were where margins are very small… the ones from Czech Rep are only slightly less expensive than the Italian ones and that difference is brand value not Cost of goods… it just reveals the level of your own ignorance on this matter, the naivety of your assumptions - if you believe there is some sort of exploitation going on… and the fact you seem unwilling to listen to any ‘complaint’ or concerns that Brexit will cause PEOPLE even when genuine… it’s simply not an intelligent or rational response - just an over emotional sixth form political one…

PS… Its a specialist, low volume business, set up because he has a real interest in bikes and is happy to live well within his means… he has a family and mortgage, is not earning more that 35k… not on the breadline, but hardly ‘raking it in’ as you say… but of course you may think that makes him loaded and deserving of all he gets… Do you even have any clue what wholesaler/importer margins are? If he makes 6-8% on the cost of goods he is lucky… thats on cost, not retail

… opinions and POV are all well and good, but I would request you base them on at least some facts before making such ridiculous assumptions.


Ok. So with our impending (hopefully) business expansion into Poland, we’ve had to include a Brexit strategy. It wasn’t difficult.
Equally because we are working with local government on this plan we have seen that it is not just UK firms that are only now wondering what to do.
There are however very simple (if not economic) ways around a blockage. Export from EU to a non EU country (e.g. Poland to Ukraine) then re-export to UK.
We have already set up a route for HP Sauce, Coleman’s Mustard & Golden Virginia if all else fails.
It is a typical MBA failure. It needs experience and creativity, cannot find any answers in a text book.


We sell services into the EU. If the EU get twattish then those services will either be sold via our Singapore sub or I will set up a European sub and funnel everything through that. I reckon the extra cost will be a few grand a year.

That said we have just lost a contract in Belgium, not because of Brexit (we asked) but because we are not a Belgium company, despite out performing the domestic suppliers. Free trade? Yeah right.


Still no elevation in the sympathy stakes.

Don’t really understand the post either. Your mate is a wholesaler that does low volume and earns 35K a year to be one?

My advice to him would have been to have spent his two years finding another job that pays £35K, or more, even - then using the spare time to indulge his interests - like the rest of us.

What’s your advice to him?


We’re one step away from you calling people on benefits scroungers (“they’ve had 2 years to find a job - it’s their own fault their benefits have been stopped”).

If your Socialist ideology died when you voted Brexit then fair enough, but don’t sit there and contradict yourself over and over again as a man of the people, who doesn’t actually give a shit about the people.


No-one gets two years to find a new job. That is entirely the point.

As for socialist ideology, it’s still there.

I’m just not going to get upset about individual cases, especially when their plan seems to be a variation of “rabbit in headlights”.