:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


You’ve still not adequately explained why his business is going to fold under Brexit.

In fact, you have to concoct a fairly robust fantasy for this to be the case.

Presumably, his business is going to suffer because his input prices are going to rise. For that to happen, the following things need to happen.

First, the UK will be applying an import tariff to goods from the EU. Perfectly feasible, especially under WTO rules. However, we previously imported certain goods with no import tariff whatsoever. To do that, we had bilateral deals. The only reason we won’t get a bilateral deal is because the EU won’t want us to have one.

Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that a tariff is imposed. For your mate to achieve perfect business oblivion, he will not pass his costs down to his customers, even though that is what every other business does, even though people that are prepared to spend £4.5K on a bike will probably be prepared to spend say, £4.8K on a bike. Your mate will have to retain his present prices, regardless of the rise in input costs, for the benefit of his affluent customers.

I guess the 35K question is does that sound remotely likely?

  1. Did not say it would fold - but that he has major concerns…
  2. you seem to again make assumptions re customers… many are simply those that save for years to afford a luxury item others are semi-pro sports folks and not all his distribution products retail at 4k+ and yes its highly competitive in that space and margins are slim for distributors - his customers are retail outlets who demand/squeeze on price to protect their own margin and what the market will stand - all have a price threshold where he may loose retail customers who he supplies
  3. Anyway I wont accept you trying to twist this back to your agenda… you have repeatedly commented in a way that is simply not reconcilable with you so called socialist ideals - dismissing this example I assume because he must be an affluent tory fucker to have a business selling luxury items… dismissing any concern for folks livelihoods as mentioned above, you wont escape the Norman Pappit tag that easily by trying to make this all about someone else business plans…


Your mate should address those concerns then.

If his customers are retailers (I was under the impression he was low volume) then they’ll easily understand the premise of tariffs. They’re not going to suddenly say “Fuck you mate. You’re charging us import tariffs”, because guess what, all of his UK competitors will be subject to exactly the same rise in input costs as he is, and it’s not their choice.

Your third point is just fantasy. I’m dismissing his concerns because his end customers are affluent, and unlikely to baulk at an easily explainable small hike in prices. I honestly think you should reconsider your debating strategy. The name calling doesn’t amplify anything you’re saying; it simply invalidates it.


Go back an read your various comments, the Austin Powers ‘gag’, if you think that is not insulting then nothing else to say… but its like your ‘humorous’ piss take out of all Germans being about to take over Europe what ever way they can and mentioned the war as your rationale… you need to improve your self awareness and drop the pseudo comedy if you want to be taken more seriously in your debating style…


The Austin Powers clip is not insulting. It’s a succinct depiction of the put upon business owners not wanting to rearrange their businesses or hiring practices. It is also not in the US theatrical release of the film. It is in the UK version. Good old Blighty!

As you faintly detect, I am having a bit of a laugh with the subject too, but not on the subject of German hegemony within the European project. It’s the only way they’ll get the band back together! Passport free Panzer access all the way to the Russian border! :smiley:

Please. Take this post entirely seriously. It is Friday night after all.


Is Arron Banks a politician Barry? Your arguments just show you up as clueless. Stop embarrassing yourself.


And i didn’t say you were dumb. I inferred that you were a bit of a map of Tasmania…


No, where have I said he is?




Down here we have pretty decent Sausages. Farmers Choice from Kenya. They also do Bacon.

Wonder how come nobody has rushed to sign up partnership deals with them?

Morocco does pretty damned good Tomatoes, and Jordan, Lebanon etc do a fine all purpose potato. All at decent costs.

Brazilian & South African Beef is decent, Pork is cheaper than chips - Australian and New Zealand steaks are better than anything other than Prime US Angus or Wagyu steaks.

No doubt nobody has signed deals up with them either


I never found the meat down under to be that good to be honest, maybe its the export market they serve more than their own, I know NZ use to send their best lamb to the UK (before we screwed them over by going into the common market).


Farmers choice bacon I get it delivered to the Philippines when one of the daughters is coming home from there.
Itsnot quite green back but very good and still with the rind on.



This is actually quite amusing from Pete… is a sort of paradoxical way :wink:

If I get this correctly, ole mucker Pete is saying that it is impossible for the EU to be democratic if its system of legislature is so complex that no one understands it, so how can anyone make an informed choice - therefore without being able to make an informed choice it is undemocratic…

… well forgive me , but its sort of the point many remainers have long made, that the problem with any referendum is that the issues at hand are so complex that it is impossible to make an informed choice… I think its reasonable to assume that most Brexiteers did NOT vote leave because they were ‘unhappy with an undemocratic system that was too complex too understand’ - yes some may have done, as did others who have strong ideological positions, but most voted Brexit on a variety of issues, from immigration, to the economy, and many as a simple protest to the legacy of austerity following the ‘establishments’ banking fuck up on 2006…and probably 100% on BOTH sides without really being informed as to the implications… so ole Pete is sort of being a bit of dick by suggesting these principles of informed choice only apply to getting out of something as opposed to deciding WHY you should…


Arguments that it was impossible to make an informed choice is just a nicer way of saying “people were too dim to understand the issues”. It’s also a pretty exacting standard for voters, that they be armed with all future permutations of how something can pan out before they’re allowed to make a choice. That’s not even a standard we’d demand of clairvoyants.

It also ignores the huge size of the electorate. If the electorate consisted of a single, very misinformed person, I’d be in your camp. That dude certainly shouldn’t be making decisions on his own. Lump him in with another 33m, and I’m fine with him having a say, because there will be 33m other voices moderating his decision, many of whom are going to be much better informed than he is.

Finally, I think people are informed enough to know about the central tenets of democracy, and were certainly knowledgeable enough to apply their standards against those of the EU, only to conclude that the EU comes up very short.


Not sure why you are so frightened of anyone suggesting we were ALL to dim to understand the complexity of the issues and the implications… your belief that the majority made this design by considering the central tenets of democracy is at best optimistic and and IMHO a tad biassed opinion because that is how you would have liked it to be… but imho the vast majority voted on one or two issues that hit them directly, on both sides I might add and not on your belief that 17mil suddenly decided they were not getting true democracy form the EU… your OPINION on this is no more based on facts and data, than my OPINION on this, which is based on many of the soundbites recorded on exit polls.

Your belief in the British people is admirable, but suggesting 17mil brexit voters all voted for democratic principles is as ludicrous as suggesting all those who voted remain have no desire for democracy… which is what ole Pete was trying to suggest… and why its utter bollocks


I’m not sure what post you’re responding to, as it was never my intention to suggest that all 17m people are going to be woke. I’m just saying that there’s enough informed people in that number to moderate those that aren’t.

The funny thing is, I suspect you’d have no issue with the referendum if the vote had landed on the side of Remain. There were plenty of uninformed folk there too. People that thought it meant they couldn’t go to Europe. People that thought it meant financial oblivion. People that thought voting leave was racist. As I said before, Leave has no monopoly on the dim.

33m voted in that poll on either side. That’s enough people to make an informed decision in a binary poll.




This is a bloody scary read. Thank God we’ve got all these entrepreneur-led companies to take on the strain as soon as we leave.