:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


If, not when it comes up as a real political question, I’ll answer it.

Otherwise it’s a pointless endeavour.


You could say that about this whole forum - surely the point is that such questions can be asked… If by your definition i am considered anti-democratic in this case, would you also consider me anti-democratic in the teh Death penalty case should I oppose it and not accept
result? I think that is a fair question, given that in effect you have caused me of being anti-democratic?


Oh, here you go, an article from the organ of the government. Don’t bother wasting your time by responding as people with opposite views disagree with you


Who wants to defend this one?


They’ve surely wasted their money. Who throws cash at an outcome already achieved?


Well done to people for demonstrating, but it’s very much a loser’s march, particularly in context of some of the hyperbole, which states this is Britain’s most important decision since the Second World War.

If that’s the case, how comes three times more people got onto the streets opposing Iraq than opposing Brexit?


I have to admire Pap’s balls (Preferably when not smeared) for simply just ignoring the question. I can at least retire that POV secure in the knowledge that this has him foxed :joy:


I haven’t ignored it. I’ve told you that it is irrelevant to this discussion, and I’ve not been convinced by attempts to make it relevant.

We’re discussing Brexit. Please feel free to start a thread on the death penalty and I’ll happily contribute to the debate.


Well I have to disagree, you can answer with a simple yes or no… would you consider me anti- democratic if I refused to accept the result of a referendum on a subject such as the death penalty ?

That does not need a new thread and if you are quick to accuse folks of being anti-democratic re brexit then they have a right to reply don’t you think?

So yes or no?

Everyone reading this thread knows that the reason you won’t answer is that it will destroy your POV (or should I say that of some fire fighter unionist)…



If you utterly refused to accept, yes.

If you accepted the implementation, then campaigned for a change in the law, then no.


All this “people’s vote” shit is annoying. The people voted already.
As much as i hate the idea of what the fuckwits in charge will do, i’m more concerned what will happen if you alienate the people that voted out.
How did we end up in such a no win situation?


It was the Russians obvs.
Everyone knows that when you fuck up, or want to hide shit, you scream “it was the Russians”.
Very effective strategy, but not sure it’ll work on my customers(i’ll let you know).


IOWell I would utterly refuse to accept. But this is just semantics - its playing games pap. There is no issue here which was the point I was hoping I could eventually make. There is no such thing as anti-democratic because it’s it’s just words - I dont accept the result because I disagree with it… but all I can DO about it is actively campaign to bring about change in … it matters not whether this is a campaign to rejoin or to overturn the result … both are a democratic right when you fundamentally disagree with a situation you did not vote for… the only reason this concept of anti-democracy is being bandied about like a teenager who has discovered what happens when play play with your cock, is that it’s a stick to beat the liberal dissenters with.

It’s an invented concept. And a petty crap one at that. Farage was spouting stuff in a similar vein up in Leeds today… drew less of a crowd by the way…

When you disagree you disagree. It’s just another Trump like heap of shit invention to try and discredit what is simply a rational POV… ‘let’s suggest everyone who does not accept the new reality as anti-democratic’ - utter juvenile garbage. Fuck me, and apologies to Godwin, but even Hitler was democratically elected… yet a fuck load of intelligent folks in Germany were disappeared for not accepting it… were they wrong to do so?


But the vote was not ignored. We have been negotiating our withdrawal, therefore we have been acting on that democratic instruction.

To return to my original point, why would the previous vote have more value than a new one? What makes the earlier vote more democratic? Saying an act of democracy is anti democratic is not logically consistent.


The vote will be ignored if the will of that vote is not implemented. It’s really that simple

It’s really that anti-democratic.


Sorry disagree if you ask the same people again and they have changed their minds etc then how is that undemocratic?

I think there is an element of well ‘fuck we had to wait 40 years to change what I believe in, so guck you you should have to wait 40years as well’ to all this

Which is frankly bollocks - two wrongs and all that. Surely IF after all the fucking about trying to do a deal and all the shit that has surfaced about NI Etc, people had changed their mind, how is that undemocratic?

Fuck me, they might even be more for BREXIT, but it’s only brexiteers that seem against any form of second vote… why is that? Are they worried they have been found out?


The vote is being implemented - unless I’m imagining the negotiation (God help me!).

Is there an answer to the question about the value of sequential, equal-sized democratic votes?


I think we all knew that the EU was going to play hardball with us if we exited.

What nobody predicted is that it would use the NI issue for its own ends, placing a 20 year peace in jeopardy.

You’re right. The British public does know better now. It knows a lot more about the EU.


People voted for an exit from the European Union, not two years of fruitless discussions. The vote has not been implemented yet.


Then we have reached an impasse, because that is not the reality I recognise. To my mind it is in the process of being implemented -a process that is certainly not able to happen instantly. I think that if a process has an undefined length of time to implement, and another equally arranged vote happens during the implementation period, it has equal democratic value. What do you think?