:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications








Yeah, but if he just believed in it, it would work.


Doesn’t that swerve the real questions?

  • How much do you think of Boris Johnson?
  • How relevant is he personally to Brexit?
  • Why is he the poster child for everything perceived as bad with Brexit?



I have no doub’t if this should happen the usual suspects on the Labour back benches will bail her out. There is a hard core of unreconstructed Blairites who will do whatever it takes to stop the Party of which they are representatives from having a chance of forming a government.


Not sure where this belongs, but the word Brexit does appear(once) and it’s subject suits this whole thing.
What’s your Weltanschauung lens?



That day when a DUP politician says that a “No Deal Brexit is probably inevitable”. Also, that day when a DUP politician appears to be talking sense. It took a lot of cock ups to get here, but Theresa May managed it.


Not entirely sure what the solution to the Irish border is

We(rightly) shouldn’t accept a border down the Irish Sea - I’d like to see the Spanish accept border with the Catalans or France with Corsica

The Eu wont accept one on the Irish border

How can anyone move forward from here? Free Trade agreement?


There’s a solution if there’s political will. The problem is that there hasn’t been much of that coming from the EU’s general direction. Long term, I see this as a situation which will sort itself out. A sensible bi-lateral arrangement or a united Ireland are two potential outcomes.

The shorter term option, which former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern seems to think the way to go, is common sense. Unfortunately with the EU, that makes it an unlikely outcome.

The thing that really does my head in EU wise is that its representatives keep on describing any sort of common sense arrangements as “impossible”, going on like this politically unified behemoth is a point of an eternal point of truth.

Bollocks to that. The EU is younger than Guns N Roses Appetite For Destruction. Louise from Eternal is more eternal. Even if you include its forebears, it’s younger than my grandparents.

While it’s very nice that our fellow Europeans have finally contrived a way to keep Germany, or whatever it happens to be called at the time, from kicking the unholy shit out of everyone around it every couple of decades, the cost seems far too high for us proud moat owners :smiley:


So what’s the betting TM asked the EU to postpone the summit on the deal so she gets her budget through whilst she still has the DUP on side




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