:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


I have no faith in the Conservative party to deliver a good solution, but then I don’t trust anyone to. Couple that with a massive distrust in Corbyn’s judgement by appointing people like McDonnell and Abbott to high positions and that’s why. I mean, fuck, could you imagine Abbott at the negotiating table? Even looking at the Labour party priorities this week, with Palestine being a higher priority than Brexit - that’s just a joke to me.

Of course, we have no evidence that they would be bad, but we also have no evidence that they would be good either, and personally, it’s better the devil you know.


So unarmed being murdered by an oppressive occupier that many branches of the British establishment support isn’t that important to you?

And you believe that overturning a legitimate political poll is more important than that?

Everyone has their hot button issue, I suppose.


Where is Yemen on the list then?


Not sure about any list, but here’s a bold statement from the leader.


It needs to be done TBF - what is happening there is horrendous.


Agreed. Saw some images that reminded me of the Ethiopia famine of the 1980s. It was bad enough then. That we’re flogging the Saudis weapons and military assistance to create that effect, and worse, beggars belief.




Paywall, init.



Interesting from Next, from their annual report

Next said in the “unlikely event” that free-trade agreements were not put in place, the cost of goods could rise by up to about £20m, which would add less than 0.5% to its prices.


I am not going to spend £20m on anything from next.


I didn’t know they still existed. Learn something every day(however useless) :lou_facepalm_2:


They are also one of the only high street retailers making a decent fist of thngs


I don’t get out enough by the look of it. Can’t remember the last time i saw one of their stores.


How convenient

I suspect it’ll probably be a load of window dressing in an attempt to support a failed government and hoodwink the gullible


Given that about 99% of us are miserable old/oldish gits, here is a different point of view.

OK, it’s from the BBC so bear that in mind before your blood pressure makes you gammon coloured


An Alanis moment this afternoon.
Standing next to a large group of Brits at the opening ceremony who were all screaming EUROPE, EUROPE, EUROPE and Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole… At the tops of their voices, listening to Thomas Bjorn nail Brexit and Politics right in the nuts.

Yeah. Ironic


Boris is making his play for the leadership…

So what happens now? It would be interesting to hear whether or not the EU will comment on what Johnson wants to do. If they reply positively, then May is fucked, and Johnson will take over. However, will he able to do this without a General Election.

Who knows?


No doubt, but he is also responding to the pelters he received for calling May’s plan crap without having an alternative of his own.


I tell you what, there is a fuck load of criticism for both Labour and Tory parties over the last couple of years - but fuck, they’re nothing if not interesting.