:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


I had so much fun reading those posts lads, you really are off the hook in bants, but anyway back on topic


Yup. Salzburg. Happening tonight. Peter Oborne was on George Galloway’s show on Friday. He reckons that the deal will be agreed between May and Merkel.


And so it starts…


Don’t worry, there will be lots of distractions.
Things like food and energy, will be far more important than drugs and surgery, as few would be able to afford them(if available).
The city will do very well out of it all, so at least someone’s happy. What percentage of our economy do they cover? Very quiet aren’t they?


Like that wasn’t happening anyway pre-poll.

Unless your specific objection is that US firms are running healthcare, and not the concept of private firms being involved in large scale healthcare, we’ve been letting the private sector run riot for decades.

Fortunately, there is a political option available to voters that will sort that out.

It ain’t rejoining the EU.



Apart from the last point obvs. :lou_wink_2:


Much better than moaning about not being able to work in Latvia…


So, looks like we may be spending £350m a week on lawyers then…


Lol - have you seen the heavyweight editorial team behind this website. I have jeans that are older than some of them.


It’s not the only site that has identified this - but it is the one that explains it best.

Age ain’t nothing but a number…


So basically, their case is that the world isn’t frozen in aspic.

What’s next? Italians moaning about the dissolution of the Roman Empire in the UK?


We’ll see what happens going forward, but it’s kind of irrelevant if it’s something that can happen in International Law.


International law doesn’t seem to matter in other areas.

Specifically the Middle East. Which court would be trying this, Cherts? The UN’s special court for oligarchs?


Caveat Emptor?

You pays your money you takes your chances?


International Court of Justice I would guess.


It matters when lots of money is involved and the system, you’ll be unsurprised to see, is fixed for the very rich.


So they’re not going to prosecute illegal wars, not going to impose sanctions on states that are conducting brutal occupations, but will pitch in for the multi-nationals?



Incidentally, does anyone else think the reason Macron is gobbing off is because he’s getting grief from his mum?



That sounds extremely like what they’d do, doesn’t it?


Graham Hughes…

When we started #3Blokes we thought we could provide a service that nobody else seems to be doing: educating people on what #Brexit really means.

I never dreamed we’d end up meeting some of the most important people from some of the world’s most powerful organisations, and being educated ourselves. In no uncertain terms.

I thought we knew a lot about Brexit. And, to be fair, we do understand more than most. But we’ve just been scratching the surface.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Brexit will be worse than anyone who voted for it could possibly imagine.

The people we spoke to this week in Geneva and Brussels left us shaken. At one point Jason actually burst into tears.

These people have the data. They have the lawyers. They have the experts. They’ve done the modelling, worked through every scenario; all possible outcomes.

It’s bad. It’s really really bad. Like, terminal cancer bad.

My fellow Brits, please, LISTEN. I know the Brexit vote made you feel good, and you actually got to make a difference for the first time in your life, but this ISN’T A GAME. If we don’t stop this there won’t be a rematch. It’s over. All of it.

If you no longer feel that Brexit is a good idea (clue: it isn’t), it’s time to stand up and be counted. The future of our incredible nation depends on it.