:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


Honestly, not really.

Don’t get me wrong. I am no fan of Farage or UKIP. Realisticaly, their 4m votes were going to get minced by the FPTP system anyway.

I don’t think that’s right, btw, but that’s the reality.

That said, that the Tories had to cheat to keep him out is shit, for them, because it make them look crap, for him, because he doesn’t get his little victory and for the country, because if this little prat had been in Parliament. his record on domestic policy suggests he’d be eviscerated.

Farage was at his best bouncing out broadsides in the EU Parliament. His domestic campaign was fucking dire.

I do worry about 4m people voting and not getting a single MP from their party elected, when 28K secures a constituency that votes DUP.


Wow, again I am very rare :blush:



Agree with all this. I’m a strong believer in proper electoral reform - FPTP is bollocks. Just look at the US ffs, that orange arsehole got millions less votes than the other arsehole. It’s nonsense.

One of it’s few supposed strong suits was that it provides stable, majority governments. Which doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, or at least hasn’t been in two of the last three elections.

That said, I don’t think the ukips would have got anywhere near that many votes under a PR system.


I accidentally caught a bit of the news. It is basically outright propaganda at this point. With no qualification, no competing voices and total certainty, the anchor was saying that a “no deal” Brexit would be the worst deal of all.

Given that the choices are either that, or May’s rule-takin’ Chequers plan, the newscaster is talking utter rot in that context.

I’ve no crystal ball. He may be right. He absolutely cannot know that, and has no business saying that, especially given his one very vague piece of evidence is a composite of doom from the economists that fucked up the last time, and the time before that.


I had to turn off BBC breakfast this morning because they had a family of Remainers and one of Brexiteers to discuss their views on Brexit.

Very embarrassing cringeworthy tv.

Clearly picked as walking cliches

Put me right off my quinoa porridge and avocado toast…


The oddest thing is that propaganda will make no difference now - the vote is done - we are going one way or the other, but what are they gaining from scaremongering now? It’s bad for the economy to do this now.

As you say they may be right (I think it’s almost a certainty), but harming the economy by scaring people into saving their money is even worse.


It’s hard not to be cynical about the coverage when near most of the “pro-Brexit” coverage involves showing JRM and BoJo, in the vein of “eww. These are the people that are Pro-Brexit”.


I think the aim is to frit people into accepting Chequers.


Well, I’ve always said this, Bazza on the money once again.


Saw this comment on the BBC HYS on the article about Vince Cable’s speech earlier. Not related to the speech, but an interesting point that maybe people should stop and consider:

“… 1753. Posted by[Elvis ]

The human race is unable to learn lessons from the past it seems. Just like the 1930s the masses fall for the nationalist propaganda machines and scapegoating. Brexit/Trump/Le Pen, etc are only the beginning if we allow them. I am extremely saddened that even the UK electorate is buying this drivel given their history as guardians of tolerance in modern post war history…”


We don’t promote our tolerance enough, the liberals simply like to say what a fascist country it is when it one of the most tolerant in the World, but tolerance isn’t acceptance and all cultures should accept our culture of tolerance, we don’t enforce it though as we’re shit scared of offence.


Agreed…we should enforce our tolerance on others


Love or leave it baby, love it or leave it.


Will we tolerate it if they won’t accept our tolerance?


No, that’s intolerable and shouldn’t be tolerated.


If we tolerate this then our children will be next.


Intolerable or intolerant children? too many intoler-things. It’s getting confusing


Careful now. That sounds even more Manic than my post.


Oh do stop preaching…