:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


I’m a Whopper apparently.


I am now even more confused.com


Landlord here is a recurring sketch on the Athletico Mince podcast.

He’s typically played as an obnoxious twat that attempts to give his poorer tenants more shit than they’re already dealing with.


The worm has turned at the Mail since Dacre’s departure.


More scaremongering, or are a lot of people going to be stuck in their houses for years to come? Potentially positive for the young being able to get on the property ladder. IF they have jobs post-Brexit.

However, this kind of story does nothing to help the property market - as we all know the property market is about confidence, and this reduces confidence, will increase the number of people wanting to sell and realise their equity, but also decrease the number of people who will want to buy at what they believe is an inflated price.


33% price crash???

I smell :poop:


35% over 3 years apparently…


Y’see, the problem I have with this is your implicit validation of the system as it stands, and a seeming lack of understanding about the typical length of a mortgage, or a death bond, as translated.

Most people are stuck in their property for 25 years.


That’s just rubbish.

The way houseprices have risen countrywide over the last 15 years and the incredibly low interest rates means that there has always been an opportunity to move. It is also quite rare that people keep the same mortgage past the offer period.

Not sure what you’re using for your (incorrect) assertion?


Literal translations from Latin.


That sort of caper.

It’s just another example of the landed pissing their pants. I’m sure anyone looking to buy for the first time will be very happy.


Ah, so you’re using evidence from a 2000 year old language. Super work there.

We’ll file this in the ‘Supply and Demand pwnage’ area of the site :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Fair enough, Cherts.

Friday’s challenge is for you to get through the day without any use of Latin derived words.

We’ll file your post away in the “laughs at own jokes” category.


In that case, “veni, vidi, vici”.

PS. I wasn’t laughing at my own joke, I was laughing at you.


Good lad. You need something other to laugh at than your reflection. People will start calling you mad and vain otherwise. I am glad to be of service.


The thing that’s always puzzled me is that it seems to be the accepted view that inflation is a bad thing and must be kept under control, but when it comes to property prices inflation is a great thing, the more the better. But i am probably missing something, i am no economist.


It’s the fantasy of sitting on hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Which you can never really benefit from fully unless you have many houses or don’t mind not living in one.


Yes i totally get that, but the people who do have many houses, all increasing in value at ridiculous inflationary rates, are always at the front of the queue extolling the evils of inflation. I am sure many do benefit by downsizing, selling up in London and the South for monopoly money and buying the equivalent property in a less fashionable area of the country for a fraction of the cost. Starting the whole inflationary process there, which of course has the effect of forcing people born and bred in their new location out of the property market. This started occurring, in rural Wales especially, but also Cornwall and parts of the north years ago and continues to this day. I lived in a very rural part of Wales for the best part of twenty years and it was the cause of much resentment, to be honest i did have a sneaking sympathy for the Welsh Nats back in the day who took direct action. I totally understood where they were coming from.


They have one job…


They’re toothless fuckers anyway. If they have the power to overturn results, they certainly don’t have the political will. The Tories cheated like buggery to prevent Farage winning South Thanet, and simply received a fine.

The net result is that you can cheat as much as you like as long as you cover your costs.

The other thing the Electoral Commission missed was the 9m of taxpayer money wasted on trying to convince people to stay in the EU.


Even you must think the outcome was a good thing, even if the method was suspect.