:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


TBF undermining the judiciary (both) and media (Hungary) benefits elites, not the people so I’m with the EU on this one. I’m not sure how the democratically elected European Parliament debating this is fiddling while Rome burns either, it’s not a directive from the Commission. Hungarian, Polish, and a whole range of anti-EU MEP’s (even Nigel if he turns up) will have a say if they wish.


Hot bedding, retaining money and then fucking off from the Capital, great isn’t it.


Name a new EU entrant from Eastern Europe that doesn’t have an established far right party, contributes more to the EU than it takes and accepts its legal obligation of refugees?
I can’t.


Not sure why the focus on the East, I’d say all EU countries have far right parties, and only Malta has met its refugee obligations out of the entire EU according to this article: https://www.alaraby.co.uk/english/news/2017/9/27/european-countries-fail-to-meet-refugee-resettlement-quotas. Fair few western states don’t pay their fair share either.


Malta has? Is this the Malta refusing them?


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, National interest will always come first and in turn this is why the EU is doomed to failure.


If they’ve taken their quota I would think that’s a good reason to refuse any more?


According to polls, and taking into consideration that polls is shit yo, 60% just want us to get on with it now. I daresay a good majority of them are unimpressed with the negotiations to date, and that a fair few are pleased that an actual Brexit is the result.

With the softening of Barnier’s rhetoric this week, you’d almost be forgiven for thinking that the EU’s pro-EU elite and the UK’s pro-EU elite are shitting their pants.

Spreadshit Phil was on the news all day telling us that no deal would be a bad deal. A worse outcome would be a last-minute desperate Faustian pact between European elites here and elsewhere, which bound us to rules without any say in making them.


Define taken?




A quick search on the inter web with the words “Polls in favour of remain” throws up the opposite view - so the point is that you (i.e. anyone) can and do find enough info to prove their own world view - In the case of Brexit maybe also search “echo chamber politics”

Do you seriously think anyone is going to come out of the whole clusterfuck better off if we leave- except the ones with vested interests, JRM for example?


131 people?


That’s from a month ago, the article I linked to is from last year. My original statement still stands, if they’ve met their quota surely their entitled to reject any further refugees? Doesn’t make them look good I agree, but they have more moral high ground than the rest of the EU.


Well the EU are a barrel of self interested pricks, this shows them for what they are, thank fuck we’re getting out.


I’m not sure what your search proves. If you search for polls in favour of Remain, isn’t that what you’re going to find? Aren’t you, through that very search term, just going to confirm your bias?


Umm, we haven’t met our quota either…


They have to be registered first, are you confusing asylum, economic migration and refugees?


We’re talking about refugees under the EU scheme right? Britain opted out of that, so we haven’t taken any. Guess it was for reasons of self-interest?


Of course, why lie, why aren’t economic migrants registered in their first port of call as EU law dictates?
Self interest, national self interest more to the point.


But you were doing exactly the same - so I don’t know where you are going with your argument- The whole thing is getting* incredibly tedious tbh


Anyway, maybe this’ll change the subject slightly