:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications




Your man, is not praise.
Just someone your ideology attuned to.
Please try harder and don’t forget to answer the question at the end of my last post.


Nah, I’m not going to bother.

Doesn’t seem to matter what either of us write. You don’t seem to recognise anything either of us have written.

It’s a pretty shaky foundation for discussion. Thanks!


Cop out


You simply like many pro EU people fail to recognize how unhappy people are with mass immigration, the reality lies before you in people voting for extreme parties and yet you still don’t get it.
Your ideology welds you where you can’t move, that is similar to the EU as well.

I also see the Germans are wanting a deal which means the EU will offer one, which sort of sums up the EU hierarchy and democracy don’t you think?


One problem with that Barry and you would know what it is, if you ever took notice of anything anyone else wrote, is the simple fact that i’m not pro EU.
Unlike you, pap and those on the other side i’m not stuck in some ideological idiocy.
Leaving under this lot will be a fucking disaster for the most needy, so anyone that claims to have a care for just society can’t back it. Conversely, anyone that claims the EU is good for the needy or a fair society is delusional.
Your all stuck in dumb ideological camps and that suits only one kind. See if you can guess who that would be?


Well you’re not Brexit so by default you’re pro EU.


That proves my point. Thank you.


Watch this Barry, if you haven’t read the book.
Might be a bit long for you, so 1:22:25 onwards for the eurozone, which i promise you will like.


The liberal elite leaning EU continues to fiddle while Rome burns.
We’ve told them to sod off, they have issued threats to Poland and are now about to take on Hungary.
My view is again Brexit should happen because the EU is politicised in a way that benefits the elite not the people. It needed to change it didn’t.
Next no doubt they will have to fight Sweden

European Parliament to debate disciplining Hungary - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-45477025


It’s unravelling everywhere, Phil.

Which makes the attitude of the Remaining remainers as tough to square as someone safely on a lifeboat, looking to get back on the Titanic.



With respect- Unravelling everywhere? Really? Pick your news stories to match your agenda maybe?

In my opinion

But as I said before, we’re never going to agree so it’s not worth our time with our fingers in our ears shouting at each other - so am just reminding everyone that other people think Britain might just be better served by being in the tent and pissing out rather than being outside and pissing in. For a bit of balance like.


What is truly shocking about that article is the percentage of migrant construction workers in the capital.

50 per cent.


Having worked on site for a good deal of last year (not in London) it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.


It’s all the more astounding because London is already very cosmopolitan, very rich, so rich in fact, that normal workers doing normal jobs can’t afford to live there.

Granted, all these fellows might be utterly fucking loaded and just really love building.

However, most would concede that it’s far likelier that the majority of the construction workforce is here for a few years, slumming it in over-occupied accommodation and utterly destroying the wage expectations of anyone not rooming with 5 big lads from Gdansk.


Whacking this straight back into your court.

:fr: Macron’s approval ratings have plummeted as the French realise he’s another corrupt bullshitter. This is a France that plumped a full third of its vote on Marine Le Pen.

:de: AfD are the official opposition. The Germans have had the same government for over a decade. Merkel’s insane plan to speak for the masses has massively backfired. The far right are in Parliament.

:austria: The far right are in government.

:hungary: Refuses to implement Schengen. Now at risk of censure from the EU. Virulently right wing government.

:it: Coalition of far right and the populist Five Star Movement in power, following a number of technocratic governments imposed by the EU.

:poland: Threatened with ejection from the EU in 2018 for its government policies.

:greece: Utterly shat on during debt renegotiations. Numerous technocratic governments imposed. ATM rationing during negotiations to get the population to play ball, or at least pretend.

:es: Technocratic governments imposed. Youth unemployment at 25%. Fascist tendencies in resolving the Catalonian crisis.

:portugal: Youth unemployment at 20%.

:ireland: Massive net emigration. Around 1,000 people leaving the country every week. Some of the most expensive prices in the Union. Fledgling Irexit movement.

:uk: Lowest wage growth in 150 years. Ongoing balance of payments deficit, starting in 1973 and continuing pretty much to this day. Population increase of 3m in a very short space of time, largely due to us being one of the most attractive places in the Union to work. Voted to leave the European Union.

Ball in court, @Cobham-Saint. Where is it going right? (NB: not far right)


Ain’t biting @pap

Spread your wings and use your time where there’s a bigger population to convince.

Unless of course the Govt and opposition consider we few Sotonians as representative of “The People” and use us to drive and develop policy…clearly we’ve been really good at that.



The population has been convinced already. If you’re talking about the denizens of this particular thread, then yes, we’ve lost a couple, but would we really gain much from people lining up to throw cheap jibes in before the circlejerk high five?

I think not. Much as it pains any hotelier to lose a guest, it pains me to lose a contributor. However, I am enjoying the new found wonder of not being cast as some arrogant or patronising bastard every second post, and the agency it has afforded in debate.

Finally, I’m not really asking you to bite. I’m asking you to look. That’s a long list of countries which should preclude any accusation of cherry-picking. I’m not going to be a tiresome twat and beg you for an answer every second post either.

This was just another opportunity to enumerate the benefits of EU membership, spurned as it forever has been.


Fair enough - not going to argue that the whole population has become Brexiteer, as that’s patently not true.

Your last paragraph sums it all up very eloquently though - just need to work the word hubris in there somewhere.

(@Fowllyd as site pedant, is hubris an appropriate word to suggest?)