:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


Haven’t watched the clip and can’t be arsed tbh.

I do think you only choosing “examples” to fit your agenda and shoehorning them into your argument is a bit lazy

As I said to @CB-Saint, we’re never going to agree on Brexit, so this thread is becoming increasingly pointless- (even MOT flounced off). Given the size of your audience on here, even more so wouldn’t you agree?

Maybe it’s time to shut the thread down?


Be a bit premature to shut down a ramifications thread before it becomes relevant(when we leave).
I would be interested to know why the EU paid for Ford to go to a non EU country. Seems rather counterproductive. Any idea @pap?


Turkey’s strategic position? It borders Syria, Iraq, Greece and Bulgaria. How vulnerable is that EU border?


Yeah, that was my initial thought and it makes a lot of sense, but only if you provide for the citizens you’ve taken from(surely the first concern as they are EU citizens). I assume they didn’t?
Good pipeline politics though :thinking:


This was also back in the day when Turkey was seriously mooted as an EU member, and David Cameron was talking about paving the roads to Ankara.

If the Turks had seen the state of the roads here they’d have known he wasn’t serious :smiley:

Anyway, I’d imagine it to be some sort of sweetener in that doomed courtship.


How come everyone EXCEPT the ruling elite could see what Erdogan was?
All rushed to welcome him into their club.


As per the thread title, A potential ramification of Brexit.

Comment at the end of the article


When voters went to the polls on Brexit, they probably did not have the playing time of Ruben Loftus-Cheek foremost in their minds, even if the vote did preface England’s humiliation by Iceland at the European Championships.

The notion now that up to 12 of the 25-man top-flight squads would need to be British passport holders appears a step in the right direction. Currently eight players must be ‘home-grown’, though that just means they have been at the club or in this country for three years between the ages of 16 to 21. Cesc Fabregas is ‘home grown’, much good that does England.

A rebalancing should nudge British players into squads but perhaps not much nearer the first team. Be ready for a raft of passport applications from foreigners meeting the five-year residency rule. The third-choice goalkeeper will always be British to help meet the quota. And given the trade off is to ditch the work permit criteria for other squad members, we will still see plenty of all-foreign first XIs.

Good intentions often have unintended consequences. If Chelsea had needed 12 Britons in the squad, it is less likely they would have loaned out Loftus-Cheek last season and get the playing time that made him a World Cup player.

By Rob Draper


Sweden turns further right. How many countries is that now?


There’s England, but that’s been the way for quite a while.


Yeah, but with England, especially now, the UK voter has control over which politicians are in power.

How much control do you have, as a UK voter, over the composition of Sweden’s Parliament, Germany’s Bundestag, Austria’s government or any of the other countries entertaining far right and anti-immigrant rhetoric?

I’ll answer that for you. None. Nor should you have.

It does rather beg the question as to why you’d want political union with these forces without a means of affecting the direction of travel.

Instead, we’re stuffed in the boot of the car, while those operating the pedals look closer to driving with jackboots on than at any point since 1945.

Why are Remainers so desperate to have these people at the wheel?


We were never stuffed in the boot. Let’s not exaggerate.
Have you ever read a Swedish view on what’s happening there and how it’s been deliberately manipulated?
If not, please do, it’s not as simple as some are making out. You know, two sides to every story.
If i get the time and can be bothered, i’ll try to remember where i read a rather interesting piece about it and post it here. Sure you could find some if you are really interested and not just using it for effect.
Anyway, that’s all a side issue, as we are governed in this country by thieving right-wingers that love using nazi propaganda and that had nothing to do with the EU.
You still backing the sell off of the NHS and the bonfire of regulations? Your man Fox has been busy arranging it all. That’s something else you should look into. Just follow his carbon trail😊


You’ve berated me recently for not sticking to the issue. Could I ask that you do the same?

The issue here is foreign countries that we are presently politically unified to, electing people that we have no control over.

I have never promoted the Conservative Party, nor have I advocated the sell off of the NHS so I don’t understand why you are (and I do not say this lightly) lying and stating otherwise.

It’s almost as if you can’t argue the points in front of you.


Ok let’s stick to the issue. Brexit the ramifications. We are leaving, so what happens in Europe from here on has nothing to do with us. Please stay on topic.
I mention the sell off, the bonfire of red-tape and Fox as your mate, because i have raised this issue multiple times(directly to you) and you ignored it every single time.
You have stated you want a hard Brexit, so you know what that entails with this lot in power, so like it or not, you are backing all the above.


Total nonsense. I’m a member of the Labour Party and am firmly on the left.

You’ve cleared nowt up here, except your own warped logic.

If I don’t specifically refute your lies, they must be true?

Fark orf nipper.


Weirdly i actually agree with your dislike of all unelected EU institutions, but can’t agree with how this is playing out.
You know who will pay the price and that’s unacceptable.


So is Tony Blair :joy::joy::joy:


Congratulations. You’ve reached Barry levels of comprehension on matters Labour Party.

There’s a turn up for the books. I didn’t think another was possible :smiley:


Still avoiding answering.
You want a hard Brexit with this bunch of psychos in power. How left leaning of you.


What you call Hard Brexit is actually just Brexit. The only reason there is a distinction now is because the losers are saying “best out of three?” and suchlike.

I campaigned to get Labour into power last year. I think we can safely assume that I do not want this bunch of Conservative psychos in charge.

Incidentally, these are some of the easiest posts I’ve had to write. I’m giving you a harder assignment.

As I said yesterday, the burden of proof is the prosecution. I said that to Barry when he misrepresenting my opinions on the member for Liverpool Wavertree.

You are wilfully concocting political opinions and attributing them to someone else just to have the veneer of a point. You’re either lying, ro alternatively, have a big list of things to prove.

I’ll give you a wee summary.

Go find instances where:-

  • I support the Conservative Party
  • I praise Liam Fox

Note, that’s stuff written here and elsewhere, not your imagination.

Enjoy an unproductive Monday.


Why would i waste my time trying to prove something i have never said. Show where i have said you support the tories, or that you praise Fox?
Ideology can give people odd bedfellows.
Are we now in agreement that mentioning what happens in EU countries, is not relevant to a thread about what happens in this country now we are leaving?