:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications


Apologies, it wasn’t a NAO report - here from mid August.


From this evenings Evening Standard

And leave voters are ok with this?


There has been a big deal made of these border controls and delays in supply chains, however it is only a one off delay and would be rapidly overcome.

For example lets assume for ease of explanation that the delay on goods coming in was 24 hours. we only have to overcome one day of delay. The truck which is stuck at the border for a day will turn up a day later and fulfill that days requirement. Therefore they would only have to find a way of filling that gap, either by stocking piling or airlifting, but it won’t be endless stream of planes. - i appreciate that this is a simplistic example however the point I am making still stands

Now I there would be a cost to this, however isn’t this a no deal situation and we have already said they can stick their divorce bill up their arse if we don’t get one.


We’ll never agree :lou_sad:


Partially. I quite like it when Gideon uses his editor position at the Evening Standard to lay the boot into his former colleagues. I like it a bit less when he’s running scare stories like this.

I prefer both scenarios to him being Chancellor, especially since he threatened UK voters with a punishment budget if we left.


Makes you wonder why they have implemented special powers to allow freight through without customs checks.
I do agree that it is a one off situation and after an initial shock should return to normal(although costlier), so maybe just planning for the usual idiots panic buying(think the 2 hours of snow we get a year).


Brexit & Trump in the same article. Why we can’t go back…


Another Chancellor promising a punishment budget.


It makes sense though - why commit to spending when we have no idea what the economy and income for the country is going to be. If it does well, then the next budget should relax those.

Better to stockpile ahead of the nightmare we have ahead - I think we should all be paying more tax at the moment anyway if they were looking to put up taxes - 1p in the pound would make a big difference.


Just put tax back to what it was pre Mr all in this together. Then see if we still need to raise it across the board.


Make tax VAT and I will go home


Indeed. Corporation tax has dropped almost 10% since the Conservatives took power. That’s fine if you’re doing the Walmart thing, and going for low cost tax on a high volume of successful businesses. We’re not doing the Walmart thing. Firms are going out of business left, right and centre. Many are using the EU’s structures to avoid tax in this country.

You’d have to wonder how many notes would still be on the magic money tree without this act of corporate sponsored state vandalism.


I think they’re getting ready for post Brexit, where a huge number of successful new businesses will be created to replace the current inefficient ones that are failing.


Operation Yellowhammer! I had to chuckle, as all ornithologists know the yellowhammer song is known as ‘a little piece of bread with no cheese’. Could be the epithet for Brexit. Someone at the Treasury has a sense of humour, although it probably went straight over the heads of most Brexiters.


I chuckled as well



I haven’t watched this beyond the irritating introduction but thought someone might be interested just because it’s filmed in Southampton if nothing else. Apologies if already posted, can’t be arsed looking back through to check.


That is slightly interesting, if only because Southampton was something of an organising hotspot for UKIP, and voted out, like most regional cities did.

I will watch this, as I think it important to hear other views. Expect the ire of pap if it’s another three affluent twats moan about their businesses. They’ve had two years to prepare.


Hmm. So far, not so good. They don’t seem to know who each other are. They think Southampton is a town. They’re setting out to use Southampton as an example as to why Brexit won’t work, which they don’t dwell too long on. What they are dwelling on are the likes of Nissan in Sunderland.

Spectacularly ill-judged location for their little talk.


Not really a Brexit issue Pap? This was pre-Brexit by a long way.

More the fact that Ford, looking to maximise shareholder profits, realised that the UK was less profitable than Turkey.

Economics pure and simple - who wouldn’t take advantage if available?

Spurious example to weave into Brexit surely?


Of course it’s a Brexit issue. The EU loaned money to Ford to help it move its transit operations to Turkey, not even a member state. The people of Southampton had no say over that.

This type of issue fed the Leave vote, and it is a rich sight indeed to have the pleasure of watching a trio of clearly uninformed partisans sat in Southampton, talking about all the factory and supply chain jobs, when the EU facilitated the very same thing in the city they were lecturing us from.