🇬🇧 Brexit Day 👋 🇪🇺

A week tomorrow, Britain will be leaving the European Union./, on a Friday night of all times.

What will you be doing for Brexit Day?

  • Panic-buying Camembert and Gitannes
  • Spray-painting your passport blue
  • Sitting in a chair, rocking back and forth, nursing a glass of whiskey and a vacant stare.
  • Stealing a Spitfire from an aviation museum and flying over the Channel looking for Fritz.
  • Sending a message to Nazi stay-behind organisation via the Austrian consulate which simply reads, “it’s all gone kaput, Mein Fuhrer”
  • Face-tattooing your entire family with the Union Flag.
  • A barbecue.
  • Chores.
  • A party.
  • Arguing about Brexit on Sotonians.

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Still very depressed at this…

Evening Pap!


Wheres the none of the above option.
I will be sat in an office in the middle of the South China Sea watching the shenanigans in the UK going on.

I can buy DMs, but alas, a long term commitment to quality hair and beard growth means I cannot do a skinhead. I’m also a little bit hamstrung on the ol’ racism front. But I want to participate!

I shall be celebrating us becoming “Cuddly Little Britain” again…the nation the whole world loves and who will be queueing up to gives us cracking good trade deals.

The beginning of a “New Golden Age” :lou_eyes_to_sky:

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I will spend the day not giving a shit and getting on with life

No gloating no hand wringing

I recommend it


If only I could live with your sunny disposition - hand wringing is the only thing that keeps me from strangling leave voters…

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I learnt many years ago that dwelling on “what ifs” and “maybes” achieves fuck all

Worry about what you can control, the things you can’t control will fuck you up the arse regardless


I think I needed* a reminder this was happening, I did not realise.

*Actually, no, I need the I really don’t give a shit / just get on with it / thought it was done already, surely, option

Yeah, that’s the way my missus lives - I guess to a certain degree I need to be like that to bring her down and make her life a misery…

She doesn’t worry about getting fucked up the arse?


I voted “Having a Party” as I will be around a friends house having a party, nothing to do with Brexit though as I’m day tripping to France the next day…

I hope you will have your Blue Passport with you otherwise your “day trip” could be a rather extended stay. :lou_lol:

Ooh scary - are you sure they will let you in?

The French, not you friends.

Well maybe your friends as well.


Who would worry about something like that?

Ah, so BTripz could be the 1st Sotonian arrested for bringing back 4 bottles of Wine, not the new Duty Free limit of 2.

I’ll be finishing off our “relocation” to the fall-out shelter

Usual Friday - work, try to skive off early, pub, continue drinking at home, try it on with the Mrs, fall asleep on the sofa and wake up in the early hours feeling shit.

Where’s the fucking option for that, eh?!


It seemed unrealistic compared to the Spitfire option


Fall Out boy?

Woke prick! :smiley:

Luckily, as I’m still gonna be in the EU I can do road trips to Georgia and, once the conversion is finished obv, I will have my 1st ever Wine Cellar.
Or somewhere for @Goatboy to do his thing when he comes for the #europeantour game v Cracovia