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I wanted a place to share a really tough quiz that my son’s mate comes up with each Easter, so this thread is it.

Please share any brain teasers, easter egg hunts, quizzes and stuff what makes you fink…

Here is this year’s Easter Quiz created by Adam Foster.

It’s tough - very tough but very worthwhile if you enjoy that sort of thing.

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Well, I’ve got as far as the pictures of 2 ladies and a painting of a lady, and now I am completely lost.

Haven’t seen that yet. I’m only on the 4th or 5th clue.

Not much beyond where you are I think…

That’s one of the easy ones, Bob.

It only took me 3 hours and an “I’ll sleep on that” to get it.

I’m not much further on than you to be honest.

I’ll give hints via PM for sexual favours.

I got fed up of reading ‘no egg here’ so I have quit on the first clue.


That’s exactly where I am. I know I should recognise both women, but can’t put a name to either. The painting is a total mystery.

The first clue is obviously Rotherham, but as it wont let me proceed, it can go fuck itself.


So interestingly it was the painting that gave me the clue that helped me solve that part.

I need help on the clue I’m on so would welcome company there.

Can I provide some guidance to put you on the right lines?

Does that guidance include the phrase: “Get a fucking life you sad bastards”?

Do you seriously think we’d listen to such crazy talk?


Think i can name all 3. Still no closer to the answer though.

I asked in the office and someone recognised the painting so I just went from there! If you know the names of the women and the fact that they have car keys you should be able to do the rest!!

Now I’m stuck on the one with the constant, the line drawing and the Elle magazine cover…

You, me and @fowllyd are all on the same one.

It’s twisting me melon man.

What made it worse about the prvious clue is that google maps, of all things, din’t know the exact location of what I was looking for, it took me about 20 attempts to get close enough for the “Search Here” button to work!!

Is that a clue??


Each of the images reinforces the same clue - i.e. they don’t build and you don’t have to add them together to create the answer. The link is very obvious.

Take what you know that each of the women has in common, and as @btripz said, think about how you’re travelling to the next spot and where it might be as a result and get Googling.

A general tip for all the destinations is that when you find a destination, try using Wikipedia as the source for the place. Wikipedia often has the coordinates in the top right hand of the page (large screen devices only).

Copy those coordinates into the search in the quiz, zoom all the way in and then click the centre of the screen before guessing. I believe the quiz creator uses those coordinates in setting the quiz.




No, mate. Wish it were. I am royally stuck here.

Well, I don’t think it is. I can see why you asked…

See my point earlier about using Wikipedia’s coordinates.

Apparently, in previous years the game creator said to use Wikipedia’s coordinates but neglected to do so this year.