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By the way, in attempting to solve the numbers+cartoon+elle clue, I stumbled across a location for a future clue.

I thought I’d solved the bloody thing, only to realise that I’d jumped from part 1, clue 7 to part 2 clue 4.


Has anyone else found it?

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‘NO EGG HERE’ x20, haha


Yep, I’ve just found Part 2, Clue 4 as well…


after spending longer than I care to admit “driving” round google maps looking for a village matching the common theme between pictures on clue 6, I finally removed my head from my arse and found it


A HA! found solution to 7 - you need to know what all 3 pictures are.

Up to 13 now, thought it was the end. It is not.



It’s driving me to distraction.

Can you provide a mild hint?

I think we’ve got the constant e, a meme called Y U No and a cover from Elle magazine.

The clues in the text suggest it’s somewhere towards Jack Rackham’s place of death, and also hint at a French interpretation.

How does my brain need to think?


Just read the first part ‘The beginning’.

I’m shocked. This actually happened to me and is one of many reasons I stopped drinking.

What a night though :wink:

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1 letter per picture.

I can help more if needed, but don’t want to spoil it.

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I love you!


So do I!


Part 1 done, thouroughly enjoyed it


It’s infinitely more enjoyable than working, but I spent too long on it yesterday and have given myself a deadline problem for today.

Where the fucking fuck is the place for clue 6? Any hints?


Discussed a page back, but…

All the pictures have something in common and you will need a car to get there…

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Is the one with the 3 pictures (photos of 2 women and a painting of a woman)?

Hints below will get progressively more revealing so stop before you’ve had too many…

You will only need to identify one of images to get it.

Each of the women have a single thing in common.

The picture that gave it to me was the bottom image - the stylised picture. I looked at it and immediately knew what it represented (don’t know why). If you don’t know, follow this process…

Look at the woman in the image…

…where is she - given that she is surrounded by the sun and the moon?

…what is the isometric shape that appears near her face?

…given where she is and what is surrounding her, what might her name be?

…Go on you can get it - I’m a Believer

So given that all three images lead you to the same word, what single fact might all the women share?

You’ve got car keys to get you to the next place?

…what does that tell you about where it might be?

…what does it tell you about what country you might be in?

Given that you now know the thing that the women have in common, and you know what country you’re in, what two words might you type into Google?

Hope this helps - but to be honest I’m only helping you to get to clue 7 which is a bastard!

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I’ll agree with that (geddit :lou_facepalm_2:)


Thanks Bletch. I have sussed what is common between the chicks. I have sussed what i think is the clue, but i still don’t know where to place the pin. If i am on the right track with this, i can’t find the place of discovery and the place of current residence returns no egg. I’m obviously missing something so simple, but it’s baffling.


Yeah, it sounds like you’ve got the correct answer, @numptyboi .

So follow these instructions and you should be good.

Google for the place of “discovery” and on Wikipedia you should see the village that it is near.

Click the link to the village in Wikipedia and then in the new page you should see the coordinates of that village in the top right hand of the Wikipedia page (if you’re using a device with a big enough screen - it doesn’t seem to appear on mobile).

Copy that set of coordinates that should start 11° 10′ … and then paste that into the quiz as your guess.

And after that you’ll hit clue 7 and wish you’d never bothered!

If you run into problems, PM me to tell me where you think it is and if you’re correct, I’ll give you the correct coordinates.


I finished Part 1 yesterday. Very enjoyable indeed. Yet to start Part 2 as I’ve got a VAT return to file and a VAT fine to pay!


When I get to Part 2, Clue 3 do I have to search for Part 2, Clue 4 as I have already found that, accidentally…


I fell at the first hurdle on part 2. Looks familiar, but can’t place it. Channel islands or Milport, but not getting it.