Boris blunders for Britain

So after some fairly large hype in the last few days, Boris Johnson has proven to be the weakest link. For days, we’ve been hearing about how we’re going to apply private sanctions to high value individuals from Russia and Syria.

Boris left with less than nothing.

The rest of the G7 European states told him to do one. Our Russian relations are worse than ever (and that’s with a Foreign Secretary called Boris, FFS).

How long has this clown got before he’s chucked out of the circus?


He’s a complete joke who would have been even more insufferable if he had actually come away with something.

He’s a liability to himself and the country.


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He was good on HIGFNY though.

Mind you, I think either Ian Hislop or even Paul Merton would make better Foreign Ministers.

Not Angus Deayton though. Too pliable.

As you said Pap, he is a clown, so perfect for HIGNFY

What’s even worse is that he is probably only Foreign Minister because of a Theresa May plan to keep the bastards in the tent.

It’s only foreign policy :lou_facepalm_2:

At this point, one can only hope that recent developments are the consequence of a long term knifing scheme dreamt up by May and her acolytes, providing poor Boris with enough rope to hang himself

I always picture Bearsy as looking like Boris.

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Now there’s a question.

Did the great free school meals “debate” sap @bearsy 's powers of international negotiation?

Seems like as good a place as any to tag this on.

Following the publication of a Churchill biography by Johnson, James O’Brien (who delivers some truly cutting polemic pieces) excoriates Johnson here.



The sad thing is, how so many seem taken in by his bumbling ‘charm’ - the man is a complete cunt and chancer… Have to admit, I did not think it was possible to dislike anyone more, but with Johnson, Rees-Moog, Farage, every day provides new revelations that requires a recalibration of my utter contempt scale… They have no concept of what it means to give a fuck about anyone but themselves… which makes you question what they were taught as kids… utter utter cunts.

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Al Pfeffel, he may well be the least racist person on earth(yes, someone said that and managed to keep a straight face).

I dont think he is a racist… to be a racist he would need too actually give a fuck about anything or anyone apart from himself. If he hates Eastern Europeans, it wont be because of some fuckwittage ideological agenda, it would merely be because they interfere with his self interests or hating them allows hm to achieve his personal goals.

He’ not a racist, he’s just an utter cunt

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He’s a racist. Read all his comments about non white people, back to back, then tell me he’s not a racist.

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I think the only way you an survive in today’s twitter society and not be branded a racist is to hate everybody in equal measure.

You bunch of cunts

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Based on the words he’s used, I’m happy calling him a racist.


I tend to reserve the racist term for those that are actively hating… I dint like the term ‘casual racism’ because I think it softens the term for the real racists… most folks who are ‘casually racist’ tend be just ignorant and/or fucking stupid… but don’t go about active campaigns of hate etc… To actively hate, you actually have to care about something more than yourself, which s why I struggle with the idea of Boris being a racist… in my mind he is just a fucking evil cunt. But I am happy fro him to be called a racist as it fits with his cuntish persona.

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We all love you* @CB-Saint

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Confucious say “Smile every time you forget and you’ll feel great when you remember.”

Not when you piss yourself


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He certainly uses it for personal gain and isn’t brave enough to be true to himself and his beliefs, but it’s all very deliberate, so he’s a racist as far as i see it.
He has openly stated that Africans are less intelligent people. What’s that if not racist.
If i was to call a certain group of people, big nosed, tight, money hoarders, would that be racist?
Am i not stereotyping them all, so racist?
Remember, when you differentiate, that he’s just doing what his class of racist does, Incite others.