👨 👨🏽 👨🏿 Black Lives Matter protest

Protest going on at Heathrow right now. Road being blocked off.

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Why are they protesting here? srs question no trolls pls

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Glad you asked the question Bearsy.

I was going to. But the way I would have put it I would have had so many down votes they couldnt even count them.


I was originally gonna type fkn self-righteous look-at-me carelord tourists tryin to elbow in on other ppls grief, but I’m trying to catch Cascadia in the weekly high-earners stakes, and can’t afford the downvotes


It looks like a nationwide protest.

And in that clip the singing is rubbish.

Possibly because many young Blacks identify themselves with American culture as opposed to a British one?


I am not bothered but why was that downvoted, thats desperate that whoever did that ha ha.

Weren’t the London Riots triggered by American Police Atrocities? That is how I remember it, don’t know if it is Fact tho.

Edit: srs question no trolls pls - Stop downvoting on me you Cunts! I’m just asking the srs questions no trolls pls!


INQUEST’s casework has shown that a disproportionate number of those who die in or following police custody following the use of force are from black and minority ethnic communities (BAME). INQUEST is concerned that institutional racism has been a contributory factor. Whilst the number of deaths involving the use of force by the police is a small proportion of the total number of deaths in custody, these deaths have often been the most controversial. Since 1990, there have been 9 unlawful killing verdicts returned by juries at inquests into deaths involving the police and 1 unlawful killing verdict recorded by a public inquiry, none of which has yet resulted in a successful prosecution .


It says in the article u posted that the protest is about American Injustices.

Maybe one of our black bros didn’t agree with you.

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They were triggered by the police killing of Mark Duggan.

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That chained together protesting business only lasts as long as they can hold their bladder. Police should give them free beer and play sounds of running water - they would have it wrapped up in an hour


Not the impression I got. I know the American stuff is mentioned at the end.

Here’s their Twitter account, which should give a clearer indication of what they stand for.


The riots in the UK were triggered by the death of Mark Duggan.


Did the US come out en masse for the death of him?

Thanks for the down vote for not asking a question.

But as I’m here why are they protesting? do the British police have a shoot / arrest / stop and search / on sight policy against anybody that is :

Here is where it gets hazy do I say white, Caucasian, black , coloured, asian, african, foreign looking in general, criminals ?

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Originally posted by @Barry-Sanchez

Did the US come out en masse for the death of him?

Er, no. That’s not what’s happening here, Barry.

Black people have to face problems in the UK that white folk don’t.

If Black Lives matter then lying down in front of a bus doesn’t strike as the best way of preserving them