:nostradamus: Bazza's predictions until the end of November

7 to 10 points.

Fascinating thread, Barry. Let me just dust off ye olde Twitter account. I’m certain that the insight shown here will attract visitors from far and wide :wink:

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4 or 5 at the back Saturday Baz?

7 to 10, mate.

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7 to 10 points dropped from a winning position? In total? Taken off the top 4? Deducted for Chairman Gao holding public executions on the centre circle during half time? Come on Baz, we all know you’re no fly-by-night misanthropist, let rip in all your glory.


I’m saying 10 as I’m being generous, I take it you’ve seen our fixtures?

Oh come on, every Saints fan knows it will be a 7 to 10 point deduction when they work out our sponsors are actually just a non UK residents’ mates who would never pass FPP pretending to be Ebbsfleet Utd.

Which team is Barry talking about?

  • Southampton F.C
  • His beloved Liverpool FC, for whom he will wank over a full kit

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Pap’s droll poll will see him on the dole searching for coal to warm his soul and his banter is like a rusty bumhole.


An early shot on target Sears through the defence to give Baz an early lead

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Why can’t you be this interesting more often?
Maybe then attitudes would soften.
Seeing a @Barry-Sanchez learn to rhyme
Would stop people calling you a cunt from time to time


I wondered why you picked that date, so had a look.
Not nice, but i reckon there’s potentially(i know) 7 points there before the end of September.
Getting the other 3 points before the end of November does look dodgy, but you might just find we do better against teams that play differently to Burnley(Chelsea, Arsenal?).
Still December looks ok(apart from, we play Chelsea again and i doubt we’ll do them twice), so should be in double figures before the new year😉
Down by March?

That’ll never happen Pap,

Yet you’re a decent chap,

Bazza will leave Pap as a little ranter

Because he has shite banter

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I disagree with your conclusions
The problems is that your protusions
Lead to confusions
That lead you to sites
That are mostly alt-right

Young Pap you didn’t even know about the extreme left
Thats because you’re a bit bereft

That’s only two lines
Barely worth my time
To give oxygen to such cuntery would be a crime.
But hey, fucko, I like to rhyme

In a shock turnaround Pap sees his lob at an open goal miraculously cleared off the line…

Phil, you’re not even in the game
Barry, sadly is just the same
If either of you want to see the cunt go splat
I’d advise picking a less wordy twat

It may have been only two
But it made your four look like poo

Like always, you are nearly right
But as always, you’re still talking shite
Try to do more than some simple double
And you might have a chance of getting me in trouble.