Basic Online Techie Advice

I know there are several Techie Geeks on Sotonians and make their livings from it.

I’ve used this section to solicit their advice on a few occasions and very helpful they’ve been…Ta.

The other day I was trying to get my head around setting up a new Gmail account and found this guy on YouTube. He’s clear, concise and not too irritating and has been providing free online advice since 2003 from his website

His YouTube videos are my new “go to” for Geek advice:

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Are you implying the techie-types on here are incomprehensible and irritating ?


Good lord no. Worse than that!

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Just bought a new Samsung phone as its meant to be easier to transfer data from old phone to new phone no its fucking not lying bastards

How many different passwords do i need to fucking log in ?

It may be years before the old phone is decomissioned.

I changed from a broken Samsung to a new one in 2019.
It took about 10 seconds to get the new one fully working & all data across from my Samsung Account

I have a lot of shit on my phone thats been transferred the logins to all the accounts havnt and samsung kicked me out of Samsung pass because i tried to log in on a new device

My nightmare is my phoe was bought in Dubai so has all the spyware on it but is aso Geo locked.
Tried to access my Samsung Account and it asked me to rest my password, I clicked - it’s all in Arabic - so when this phone dies I can buy anything!

There, corrected it for you.

No charge.

Cheers for that the porn sites are on an encrypted disc even the wife / FBI could not open

The other shitty thing about getting the new phone is the amount of updates it needs every time it finds a wifi signal

The white bits are back on the Sotonians Logo I thought our geeks had fixed that little issue?

Why are your buttons not round like the rest of the planet’s?

Ave no idea maybe I am the Special one :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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In Planet Poland?

Mine aren’t round - the buttons that is.

Yeah I think it’s a Samsung thing…the app icons are more oval than circular.

Crapple ones aren’t round either.

My Pixel phone has round ones. Creators of Android yeah.

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