:ny: Barry in New York



Wondered where you were.

I trust Mrs Sanchez now has plenty of new shoes and handbags?

I was going to recommend a steak in the Bull & Bear, but apparently its closed for renovations until next year. There are quite a few very good one in NY though. Enjoy your shopping :wink:

Capital Grill is good. Decent steak with a nice Silver Oak or Caymus depending on budget :wink:

Get yourself to Katz’s Deli (Harry met Sally fame)

Corn beef on Rye with Pickles and beer

Take cash

Deli in NY, good call(any time of day). If location doesn’t suit, do as anywhere in the world and find a place the locals like.

Is it better than Glastonbury 2019?

Or Derby?

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Get down to CBGBs in the Village if it’s still there. One of my best memories is going there in 1980, seeing Talking Heads, Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers, Blondie and a fabulous NY punk band called The Dictators, who disappeared without trace, fuck knows why, they were just the best. The Idles? They shit em!


In the airport coming back now, I’ve been here before, great City, more expensive than ever, better than Glastonbury? That’s subjective but I sure as shit don’t regret coming here.

Such is Derby’s appeal that it is not even worth trying to go. Ram-packed with revellers 24/7 it is a permanent festival town, a perpetual Glastonbury if you will.

Status Quo headline every night.


The mighty Quo would make that shite line up 50% better this year, you can use the experimental new music shite but the rest of the Country and critics appear to be siding on my side of the opinion its a wank line up, I’ll watch most of it as I love it but from the comfort of my garden drinking good ale and having a ball, if it were a better line up I’d be wanting to go, fuck that for a game of soldiers, over a £1000 each for a fat Robert Smith and Stormzy?

Nah, cheers.

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We went to Majestic diner, amazing Latino breakfasts fused with traditional NY ones, went to a few bars but the best was a dive bar of Times Square called Jimmy’s corner, rough but the genuine New York, or I thought it was.

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I remember going to a basement bar in W 49th St back in 1977 called Tin Pan Alley. It was next door to The Consort Hotel ($23 double room) where I was staying for a couple of nights. Lovely barmaid, Marty with whom I spent some time. She said she came from Dallas but left home for New York…she didn’t get on with her mother’s eighth husband and her 25 step siblings. She showed me the sights. :lou_lol:


So how many critics are calling for Status Quo to headline Glastonbury?

More importantly, are you going to have to use the in-laws’ smuggled Nazi gold to build a new wing on your house to hols the missus’ New York shoes? Have you chartered a ship, or does Buff Hans bring enough booty to make air freight an option?

Jealousy will get you nowhere son, enjoy Stormzy, I’ll get the mighty Quo on.

Keep up Baz, not one of us has ANY intention of watching Stormzy.
Current debate is between Frank Turner or The Idles.
There is more than one gig going on at one time you know.

As for the line up 13 out of approximately 60 Acts have been named or given a slot on Friday on the main stages.

On Saturday that rises to 16 out of 60.

On Sunday 14 of 60

So 43 out of 180 live bands have been listed in slots and they are the worst lineup in History.
Hmmm Good stats those.

Fact is its a shite line up in comparison to previous years.

That pisses all over this year, James were brilliant, De La Soul had a whole brilliant back catalogue and 3 feet high and rising to do, the dj’s there would have been amazing as well (presumption due to the great dance music about at the time).