Baggies beers

Baggies beers


Ok - I haven’t started one yet so hopefully this’ll prompt a win

With a 5.30pm kick off this could be a decent session. Unfortunately (from a financial point of view) my daughter will be there too. She drinks like her mother so it’ll cost me a fortune…

Do we fancy a change from the Rockstone - Stable? (pizzas!), Bookshop? Platform Tavern? SouthWestern?


Lol, my daughter drinks like me.

Mrs C_S drinks like Bletch…


Is it this saturday? I happen to be in Southampton this weekend. Have a lunch engagement but may be able to come along for a drink before or after.


Bletch is two for two.

I’ll be there AGAIN.

This time I’m sponsored by @bucks or more precisely by Flyd who seems to have stolen Bucks’s ticket.

I’ll be around after if any other saddos fancy a beer.

Did I mention that it’s Flyd’s round?


So I will finally see one of your famous shirts @saintbletch ?


Ok then - where? And what time?

As this is likely to be a longer sesh than usual food is more of a factor for me - in which case I’d prefer pizzas over Rockstone burgers

As for time - 2.00? 2.30? Earlier?


I have a dentist appointment at 2.30


It’s a 5:30 kick-off isn’t it? Much as I like the idea of a proper pre-match session, I’ll be driving. So I guess I’ll be joining you pissheads later, by which time you’ll all be half-cut.

Stable then? Good pizzas, good beer, ridiculous range of ciders.


Stable sounds good to me.


You are welcome. Genuinely welcome. Just don’t tell the guy next to me we are related. Or soil my seat.


Get the train you wuss. Have a proper session.

Get home at four o’clock Sunday morning with vomit-stained clothes having walked home along a railway line. You’ll know that you’ve properly enjoyed yourself. Mrs Flyd and the girls will be glad you’ve had a good time

Failing that just bring your wallet


Stables = jealous. Enjoy, bastards.


That is a distinct possibility.

Just woken up. Got in at 4am. Nearly had a fight. Broke up another one. I :heart:️ Eastleigh.

What I really need right now is a skin full of cider.


Going to Brewdog for Collabfest now. Right now. May drop into The Stable between that and the match. One of the beers at the festival is a 12% imperial stout; no idea what state I’ll be in by that point!


Stable, eh?

Should be down for about 15:30.


I owe you a pint or two, @bucks .

But as you’re away I’ll drink them for you and take pictures so you can virtually enjoy them.


Upstairs at sw.


There you go, Bucks.

Much obliged.


Can you stop trolling Bucks and let us know if you’re coming to South Western?


You’ll have worked out by now that he isn’t. When it comes down to it, Bletch is a fucking lightweight. In every respect but weight that is.