Baggies beers


When it comes down to it, two of the four people running this joint have got form for making people cry and biting toes.

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We’ve probably got a full house. I just didn’t want to incriminate anyone not previously self-incriminated.

You, @goatboy , seem to want to be caught :lou_smiley:



Point of order WRT my lightweightery.

On the two occasions I asked if you were out to play after the match you told me you were going home to deal with a sofa / room dimensional mismatch issue like this:

I had sort of persuaded @so5-4bw to come out to play but he’s a boring bastard that wouldn’t know a classy shirt if it was worn be the great Llewellyn-Bowen himself, so I let him head home to The Smoke.

And as nobody else was going to be there I thought I’d head home for a Cocoa.

So how did you get the 3m long sofa into the 2.5m square room, @goatboy ?



Walls currently covered in butter.