⚱ :engerland: 🇦🇺 Ashes 2019, 4th Test, Old Trafford

So, after that amazing victory the series is alive, alive I tell you

England and Australia have over a week to contemplate on the match just gone.

So, let’s have it…

who is alive?

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Most importantly, what is the weather forecast??

Wednesday and Friday look a bit shite. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday pretty good.

Fucking brilliant! I’ve got a ticket for Wednesday. Sunshine and showers is the last forecast I heard. Fucking typical!

You may get lucky on the Wednesday. Friday looks a wash out though.

Fingers crossed. I really am looking forward to seeing some cricket, don’t think I could handle another day on the piss, which is what will happen if it rains. Me and three thirsty scouser in a box, courtesy of morrisons. What could possibly go wrong? :thinking:


The mrs has given an ultimatum.

Listen to the 4th test or shag her?

What the fuck do I do I have iced tonic water good gin and at present a decent internet connection.

Well, seems as the test starts tomorrow you can shag your missus and earn brownie points…(not that sort of brownie points).

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Did i miss tuesday then ?

Not bloody admitting i got the day wrong.

Looks like I will have to pleasure her.

The wife has gone for a shower and perfume I am going to the pub.

11m?? Did you take some little blue pills :man_shrugging:

Avoidence was the best policy

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Woakes dropped???


Seems very harsh to me.