⚱ :engerland: 🇦🇺 Ashes 2019, 4th Test, Old Trafford

Not as if Overton has been smashing it.
Must be an injury as it weakens our batting potential and Curran must be gutted

Seems a very odd decision on the face of it.

However, very sensible and long overdue choice to swap Denly and Roy in the order. Roy’s lack of durability at the top keeps exposing Root to the new ball. That’s where most of our batting woes have stemmed from.

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Smith, that is all that needs to be said.

Should be a good battle between him and Archer.

It will be, can not wait but I feel with the Aussies only needing to draw the pressure to score is on us, not confident.

I keep watching replays of Headingly and I still think “we’re going to lose this time!”.


Looks very windy, Bumble says pitch is bit sticky so England will need to be at their bowling best on the first day.

Let’s get it on…

Warner gone. Shame.

Warner gone for a duck, 2nd ball he faced, Broad with a beauty, scrambled seam, thick edge, pouched

1-1 BTW


Good toss to lose?

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Harris given out LBW, will Australia review? Yes they do…watch this space…

No bat involved, hit above the knee pad…wickets Umpire’s call, it was given out, he’s out




Now lets get this fucking cheating, crying cunt out.

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Harsh but fair…

Archer has been bowling well within himself, looks like he’s ramped the pace up a wee bit for Smtih

Smith is so far above everybody else when he bats.

Labuschagne isn’t so bad himself TBF

It’s all comedy moments just now.

Broad in his run up, crisp packet blows across the pitch, Smith grabs it. Broad starts his run up again, another crisp packets blows across the pitch…

Now the bails are blowing off, so they’re playing without bails…

And hold on, someone has released a tribe of crisp packets to blow across Old Trafford…

Bumble is laughing so hard…blaming the crisp packets on Vaughan…