⚱ :engerland: 🇦🇺 Ashes 2019, 1st Test, Edgbaston


Does that mean that Roy will make it into the Ashes squad or are they juts giving him a go??


He is in. All the interviews confirm he is getting a go with Rory Burns & Denly at #3.


He has to be given the series, who else is there?


England squad for first Ashes Test:
Joe Root (capt), Moeen Ali, James Anderson, Jofra Archer, Jonny Bairstow (wk), Stuart Broad, Rory Burns, Jos Buttler (wk), Sam Curran, Joe Denly, Jason Roy, Ben Stokes, Olly Stone, Chris Woakes.

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Moeen is so totally out of form.
Man of the series nailed on then


I hope you are right, he is due to turn the corner. When he’s on song he’s a joy to watch, almost Goweresque. He comes across as a really decent bloke too. Form is temporary, class is permanent.


He is mentally weak and the Aussies will expose that, I like the guy but they’ll tear him a new one, you fancy him against Starc and Cummins and the chirping?


I don’t hold much hope for an Aussie series win here. We have been balls in the last two over there and I can’t see anyone in our batting lineup that can handle the English conditions/ball. Our attack is our “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobe” factor we have


I don’t think the chirping will bother him one bit. The Aussies have already been there, calling him Bin Laden etc, it didn’t phase him at all. He expressed his disgust afterwards but didn’t blink at the time. Mentally weak my arse. Mentally strong more like. As i said before, yes he is going through a poor run of form, they all go through that, remember Alistair Cook? How many times were the pundits and fans calling for his head when he was going through a bad patch, eventually he got through it, one big innings is all it takes then all the confidence comes back and the armchair experts were exposed for what they are, wankers. Mo Ali, given the chance is one innings away from doing the same. Some people have short memories, and their criticism is motivated by non cricketing reasons. Adil Rashid has exactly the same problem, you only have to look at the BBC cricket coverage, when they have comments. One bad game and the usual suspects are calling for his head.Even though he was born in Bradford and Ali was born in Birmingham, a sizeable proportion of English cricket supporters will never accept them because they are Moooslims… I have been watching cricket for more than fifty years and it has always been a multi cultural sport in this country, not like football. How many people of the Muslim faith play football at the top level? Non existent.OK, Mo Salah… They would be crucified from the terraces. Cricket supporters have always been more civilized. Back in the 70s i used to go and watch Hampshire at the old ground in Shirley when Barry Richards and Gordon Greenidge opened the batting, without doubt one of the greatest opening partnerships ever IMO. Even though Richards at the time couldn’t play test cricket, a great loss because he was undoubtedly one of, if not the best opener ever because of the apartheid ban. I was fortunate enough to meet Barry Richards when i played for Saint Cross in the Hampshire league, during his testimonial year when he attended a function at IBM in Hursley after we had played them. He described Greenidge as like a brother, he also told me that he absolutely agreed with SA being banned from Test cricket, it had to be done. The point i am trying to make is that cricket has always led the way fighting against racism,
After England’s world cup win the Daily Mail, Sun etc made great play of Ali and Rashid running from the podium before the champagne was being sprayed. Pictures, i think there were two in the Mail, the underlying message was clear, they were mocking them. Then read the comments from readers, reams of them, “It’s tradition, champagne is always sprayed, if they don’t like it fuck off” was the basic sentiment expressed. Whenever England have a shocking result the heads that are immediately called for by the so called fans are Ali and Rashid. I wonder why!


Thats not being mentally strong being called a name, mentally strong is coming back after having a poor run and I can’t see the Aussies giving him that, concerning sledging the line of that was only crossed as far as I know when someone was talking about cancer and McGrath’s wife, that was totally out of line,
You do know English Muslims were calling Ali a traitor for choosing England? Probably not as it wouldn’t agree with your agenda, the England team is a rainbow (I totally disagree how concerning the selection process by the way), whenever players are playing bad their position will always be reviewed, thats not racism thats reality,
Your England fan comment and them being accepted is way off the mark by the way,


Warner and Smith will be key, if they score you win the Ashes.


Make your mind up:
“this series will be won by the bowlers and not the batsmen”


Those two are the only ones who can stick it out, only those two and probably moreso Warner, I’m not changing any minds due to the talent or bowlers and the pitches and the lack of talent of batsmen on both sides it’ll be a low scoring series hence if those to stay in they win.
Root can’t and has never been able to anchor an innings around him, those 2 can.


It’s almost as if batting AND bowling will prove decisive,
Catches win matches too bazza.
And your opinion on Root is highly debatable:

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Paywall so can’t read it, the figures don’t back up that assessment either, neither do the experts like Hussian, Warne and Holding think so, he’s is not a Williamson, Smith or Kohli.


Not many are but he has a pretty good record against Australia and has carried his bat more times against them in tests than any other team.


He does but 42, isn’t enough when Warner averages 49 and Smith averages 56! Once again its sporting jingoism, until the facts change they are the facts.


So if we can do a number on Smith and Warner do you reckon we’ll win?