Arsenal v Saints Match Thread

Arsenal v Saints Match Thread


Can we make it 4 in a row?

Yo betya ass muthafuckas!


‘Don’t get cocky, kid’

last Match thread starter who got cockey ended up with egg on face… keep calm dude


Happy days for R.Koeman, no decisions to make this week, due to Gd Frm, team pretty much picks itself!

C.AUSTIN - Got to start. Currently scores at a rate of one goal every 15 mins. Should be good for 5 or 6 goals easy.

SH.LONG - Got to start. His workrate is catalyst to our pressing game + his pace trouble Arsenal High Line

SAD.MAN - Got to start. Most Skills Player. I dunno if Mer Tesack is playing or Suspension now, but I would give right nut to see SAD.MAN running at him!

D.TADIC - Got to start. He just Creates chances, All The Time. C.AUSTIN will LOVE IT.

STEPHEN DAVIES - Got to start (if fit) - He just nits everything together!

J.WARD-PROWSE - Got to start. His Set Piece delivery guarantees Chances, in tight game.

J.CLASSY - Got to start. Really impressing just now.

V.WANYAMA - Got to start. Always turns up for the Big Games vs Future Employers

O.ROMEU - Got to start. Will need extra security of second DM vs Arsenal, to shut i.e. Ozil Down

Wouldn’t mess with the defence, no goals 3 games Speaks Volumes:

BERT RAND - Got to Start

SEE SAWS - Got to start

J.FONT - Got to start

VIRGIN V.DICK - Got to start

M.TARGET - Got to start

Finally a word out to the Big Man. What a comeback!

F.FOURSTAR - Got to start!


Might be a gd game to bring Pelle back also, cos he will be +Hungar!


We’ll definitely be solid and v. dangerous with that line-up Bear.


Some quick transfers to the Arse and we could get all of the bears team on the pitch


We owe them for that sneaky shit win last season when down to 10 men.


Playing a 5-6-4 formation?



This must been a promo shot just after it was finished, its never looked like this in my 6/7 visits. Or maybe I have never seen it sober.


Originally posted by @Bucks

This must been a promo shot just after it was finished, its never looked like this in my 6/7 visits. Or maybe I have never seen it sober.

And its usually dark.


the run will end against the arse. I’m predicting 2-0 to them. I feel it in me bones.


Get your lard along to Austin will score.


I have predicted every result correctly so far this season. I’m like mystic meg but with a huge cock and some nifty balls


Black bob?




Black Bob was neutered so Fatso is technically just a huge cock


Anyway back on topic (SFC on this forum…) lets hope Burnley push Arsenal hard tomorrow. Certainly Burnley are in good form and no pushovers, so Wenger will have to play a decent side.


Wins away at Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal in one season is far too much to ask for, isn’t it?

Tough - I’m feeling greedy.


Arsenal concede from a corner. 1-1 at HT. Austin and Pelle to play, 4-4-2? Hmmm