Are Western liberals and Muslim leaders hypocritical?

Concerning the appalling treatment of Uigher Muslims? Where are the condemnations? Only Australia and Norway as far as I can see and they get slapped with trade levies, it does seem strange people have died for teaching yet when a nation castrates, depopulates and tears down Mosques nothing is said or done.
Western democracies are always an easy target but why are we blind to condemn others, trade, shame of being seen to be wrong?

Too many people making money off of it Baz in this instance, maybe when major retailers start boycotting it we might see some action, and at a lower level people’s unwillingness to pay more than £1 for a t-shirt doesn’t help.

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Why aren’t Muslim nations speaking out? If a drawn cartoon can offend so much you’d have thought this would be an open declaration of war?

Is this simply mock shock indignation at an easy target?

Yes I read that a while ago, it reeks of the same stench of hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance feminists have when dealing with the Islamic faith.

Via the UN and you can’t raise tariffs against them, only Norway and Australia have openly spoken out harshly against China and guess what?

You raise any mention of
Aggressive illegal island building
Hong Kong
The wiping out of the Uighers
And many more you’ll pay the penalty, they’ve bought all the votes in Africa.

Russia is the same but they just poison you and use plausible deniability.

These are facts I am posting as well, I know its uncomfortable for nation haters, sandal wearers and liberals to read but these are facts none the less.

Yeah, let’s make it an issue.
Taking issue with China is working out well for the Aussie export industry.

So the answer is yes they are hypocritical defending their National Interests

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You mean they’re hypocritical for not speaking about and being more concerned about their national interests?

Seems a bit World War 2 to me.

You forgot the Muslims Barry, don’t forget the Muslims. Oh, you started out with them didn’t you.

I’m sure you have a standard template for these rants :roll_eyes:

Its on the news, Nihal was talking about it 30 mins ago, you simply want an echo chamber, this is a reality, accept it.

You have me pegged as a “sandal wearer” Barry but I can tell you I saw the programme about it the other night and it looks appalling, Muslims or not.

Its atrocious and I do believe I have mentioned this before, uncomfortable as it is its relevant and the hypocrisy is there for all to see.

Why are you asking me to accept anything?

Accept what I have written is relevant and not a rant, if you can’t do that then I am afraid you’re delusional as it is a reality.

Sorry Barry, you have form for your anti Muslim and anti-liberal viewpoints. I may actually agree with what you are saying but you prefer to go off on one and get abusive without bothering to pause for breath. Seriously have a think about your style of posting :roll_eyes:

I’d look up and see who started with the snide post first. as always it isn’t from me, go on have a look, you have form for this.