🥩 Are Vegans getting way too much media coverage

Or are some of them just plain mental

There’s an argument for both.

I’m not giving up meat or products with animal derivatives in them.


I think there is more coverage and I don’t know why. Probably as it seems to be increasing in popularity. I am one of those pesky vegans now. I wouldn’t make death threats to farm shops etc. I have cousins who work in the farming industry. I don’t think it’s the best way to address the issue. But I suppose maybe they are doing that to get the point across more?

Lets face it Meat and 2 vag is good for you.

I eat vegans.


That is only one of your five a day you naughty goat.

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Is there a point to make, though? Not being obtuse, but it seems that pairing the choice to be a vegan with some form of crusade against those that are not, is wrong. We all make choices about the way we live our lives and providing those choices are not unlawful, then people should be left in peace to live their life how they wish.


A sensible responce

I appluade you Sir.

I just take the piss in responding to most things or try to but you may have nailed this one.

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Barbecues would be so much better if they didnt involve salad and bread

Grilled meat

Its what we should be eating.

I do agree that people should be be able to live as they wish as long as it’s within the law.
I don’t condone the threats made to these people as the Vegan Society also advised.
Some of the people who do this are obviously on another level and maybe have a few issues.
Anyway it’s got some media attention for vegans being horrible people but it’s also got some nice advertising for pick a turkey place.

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I think so. I’m not veggy or vegan, but the fact remains that if everybody went that way, not only would it reduce needless animal suffering, but it’d also make a positive difference to the environment.

It’s not just the millions of future steaks that spend their short lives farting methane en masse. It’s the deforestation needed to grow them.

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Most of the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest is to grow Soya…where do vegans stand on this?


Perhaps it presently is. Wasn’t twenty years ago. They were clearing the trees for the likes of FuckMonalds.

Soya that is used pretty much exclusively for animal feed, I believe.

Of course this could be a biased article.

Wouldn’t you know it…vegans eating food intended for poor animals.:rage:

You’d assume they were poor animals. Feed implies no grass.

I’m not trying to put anyone on a guilt trip. I eat meat. It’s tasty. I think it can be strongly argued, if you look at nature, that it is natural to eat meat. We wouldn’t have a whole sub-classification of animals called carnivores, that live off the stuff otherwise.

That said, those that sell us meat do their very best to disassociate the process with the product. It’s perhaps little surprise that in our homonym filled language, a lot of kids are surprised when they find out that chicken is chicken.

I don’t know about anyone else, but if I had to kill my meat myself before eating it, I probably wouldn’t eat meat.

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Don’t forget biodiesel.
“Domestic demand for biodiesel accounts for more than a quarter of all soybean oil use in the U.S”

But on the whole the problem is the amount of land to grow animal feed, coupled with the amount of land needed to keep the animals means that eating cow is nutritionally and environmentally uneconomical and will destroy the planet, although not as quick as burning trees and calling it renewable energy(EU @pap you’ll have lots to beat them with if you look into that fraud).
@Intiniki i am afraid is correct, we all need to eat more beans and pulses and less meat.



But if we all become Vegan what’s going to happen to all the sheep and cows and chicken and pigs that we breed specifically for eating.

Will humans become responsible for the mass extinction of several species??