🏥 😟 Are National Health Services in Trouble?

I read about the NHS.
I have mentioned strains here.
Now this - France has problems

BBC News - France’s health system under pressure of increasing demands

I have been sick for a week. After 4 days, MiL doorstepped the surgery and got me an appointment for Friday night.
Everyone is sick, and the Docs cannot get enough prescriptions out.
At the Pharmacy they were short of Cough Meds - supply chain issues.
Meanwhile getting my knees seen to by a specialist was a breeze.
Seems sickness is overwhelming the system here.

I was shocked to see that France has problems, and we know the NHS is creaking after 12 years of indifference (imho while the elite work out how to make money from it)

Any other stories? (Let’s not even get started on the hidden horrors of a medical insurance system like the US)

He is now annoyingly known as " may have been right all along"


Nope… he is still a nutter. If you actually look past headlines and at the clinical data, "one type of Covid vaccine has been linked to a small rise in cases of heart inflammation and scarring (pericarditis and myocarditis). But this particular vaccine side-effect was mainly seen in boys and young men, while the excess deaths are highest in older men - aged 50 or more. And these cases are too rare - and mostly not fatal - to account for the excess in deaths’’

So whilst its critically important to monitor any long term side effects of all new of drugs and vaccines, especially those developed in accelerated timeframes, we need to be careful of misinformation, and also association

There is also the issue of being anti-vax because folks believe the conspiracy stuff or dont understand how drugs are developed or even what risk/benefit ratio means (which it appears is where MLT has gone all loopy on) and recognition that the reassessment of drugs and vaccines after some time as the risk/benefit ratios are recalculated on longer term evidence is normal for ALL new drugs

Most of the increases in death amongst men aged 50-65 in 2022 has been down to delays in getting diagnoses especially for cardiac related events, but also longer term, reduction in earlier cancer diagnoses as well as increases in alcohol consumption from 2020 onward amongst this age group, already at higher risks of alcohol related diseases…

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PS… the biggest worry for me right now is how many more folks will die because they can’t get access to healthcare within an optimal timeframe to get earlier diagnoses… the NHS is simply fucked through no fault of its own…


Over here the system is much more resilient as I have found with my knees and previously sinus infections.
Right now it is also creaking.
Been trying to get through to GP for 3 days for a prescription- they are swamped, Flu, Covid & RSV just like you.
Everyone here is sick atm

Sadly you are right, the NHS is fucked through no fault of it’s own, but it is no accident, it’s entirely deliberate on the part of our so called government. It’s being deliberately run down until it gets to a point where these vandals will claim that it’s no longer fit for purpose and the only solution is to hand it over to the private health providers, mainly in the USA, who will ride in on their white chargers to save the day. They really don’t care how many plebs die due to their vandalism, why should they when they don’t have a stake in it, they don’t use it they already use private medicine. Some shocking figures out just today showing the huge increase in excess deaths in the past year, literally hundreds dying needlessly every month due to deliberate political choices made by this wretched Tory government. There’s plenty of money available to fix the problems in the NHS, which is mainly a staffing one, nurses, even doctors leaving the profession in complete disillusionment and getting jobs elsewhere. Plus of course lots of European health professionals leaving because of |Brexit, which is causing huge problems in General Practice. There is just no political will to do anything about it, indeed it is welcomed by this far right cabal. Hardly a day goes by without another disclosure of dodgy corrupt dealings, with countless millions of our money being spunked away by the government and handed to party donors, friends and relatives. It is one rule for them, whether it is Sunak taking a 20 seat private jet on a hundred mile journey from London to Leeds for a photo opportunity, or Johnson’s legal bills of hundreds of thousands already and counting, to defend his illegalities, all being picked up by the taxpayers, while at the same time telling the key workers they were clapping as heroes a couple of years ago that there is no money to pay them a living wage, and if they want an increase they have to increase productivity. Some of these health care professionals are doing 18 hour shifts as it is, how can they increase on that? It’s a fucking disgrace, and it shames the country that it is tolerated.
I must confess I have skin in this game, I have first hand experience of the way the health service in this country is being deliberately run down. As many will know, back in November I was hospitalised for a week with bacterial pneumonia, extremely ill for a couple of days. It probably could have been avoided. On the Sunday I went down with what felt like the beginning of a chest infection, which I have a history of although not for a few years. On the Monday morning I telephoned my GP surgery just up the road at 8 0 clock sharp, I was put in a holding queue which took over two hours, yes TWO HOURS, of hanging on feeling very sick until eventually my number came up and I got to speak with the surgery reception. I explained my situation and asked for an appointment with my GP, after reception consulting her appointments book I was told the earliest I could be fitted in was for a telephone consultation on Friday afternoon, four days later. Profuse, even embarrassed apologies, and of course it wasn’t her fault, it’s what they have to put up with now. I was told if I deteriorated to get myself to a walk in center or A&E. I dosed myself up with paracetamol and stayed in bed. On the Thursday, coming out of the bathroom I collapsed, para medics called and I was rushed to hospital. I’m slowly recovering but I am one of the lucky ones, it could have been a lot worse, and for that I am thankful, especially to all the dedicated paramedics and health professionals at the hospital. I spent the first 24 hours on a trolley being treated, first in a corridor, along with many others, and then in a cublcle. I had a week seeing first hand how hard these people work and the pressures and stresses they are under, for what amounts to a paltry reward and to be treated with contempt by people like the thug Steve Barclay, Sunak and the rest of the Tory mafia who are masquerading as a government.
For the good and well being of the country they need getting rid of.
General strike now.


A lack of social care provision is a major part of the NHS problems but don’t worry, PM Boris promised that there is a social care plan ready to go.


would be an extra 365m a week for the NHS…

But anyway, there is a difficult decision to be made. How much are we prepared to pay? I must admit working in Healthcare, I am an advocate for the German system, but they pay in 7.5% of gross + employer pays 7% so in effect the system gets about 2.5 times what we pay in per year… OAPs and unemployed pay in about 70p a week and stand of care is same for all… insurers cant turn anyone away and actually want those with more challenging health problems as they get more from the central funds for those patients… but above all the insurers are NOT FOR PROFIT… surpluses are re invested in additional care…

If we did not have corrupt tory cunts paying themselves billions at our expense, there would be more money available, but we also need to demand that our tax revenues are allocated in the right way…


Seen Doc. Diagnosed nasty sinus & throat infection.
Prescription for Antibiotics given.
Um no.
4 Pharmacies in Village. 1 already shut for the day.
Other 3 currently have ZERO Antibiotics of any kind in stock
All checked on computers and NONE in the Supply Chain.
No delivery dates either. Couple of friends in town now trying, 1st found exactly the same.
No stocks.

How could the Supply Chain come to this?

They’ve been in trouble for four decades and were briefly propped up during the New Labur period due to the vastly expensive PFI.

It’s a shame because it seems to be one of the few things that people of all political persuasions over here agree on. No-one should have to choose between life and bankruptcy

The vast majority of bankruptcies in the US are down to medical bills.

I always enjoy explaining our health service to the Americans.

Yeah, if you fall ill or have and accident, we’ll just fix you for free

Minds are normally blown.

I happen to thhink that most of the rights we accrued in the West was due to a competing philosophy being large on the world stage. Just after the Second World War, few knew what bastards the Soviets would turn out to be. Nearly all of our big reforms were gained during that period because the establishment were shit scared people would go commie.

All of these rights were basically one big counter offer, which no longer needs to be offered.


Apart from the fact the public (voting public) will shoot down in flames any fucker who tries to close down / wholly privatise the NHS

Political suicide.

Virtually all of the antibiotics are made and packaged in India from starting materials made in China.

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One of Mrs P_F’s work pals has been to 6 pharmacies in Krakow (she alos has a prescription.) In the final one they had an alternate manufacturer version of my meds in stock. That’s 9 Pharmas to find a standard med.

That’s scary


It’s not difficult to see why NHS services are struggling. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after learning today that a company formed by a top Conservative Party donor that was fast tracked and paid £11 million to deliver PPE kits during the pandemic has won a £4.5 million contract to burn it.
Clipper Logistics, founded by Johnson mate Steve Parkin, received £11 million of taxpayers money to deliver PPE kits, among £3.5 billion -worth of covid contracts that went to Tory linked companies. Clipper Logistics has been handed a contract to incinerate gowns, goggles and gloves that are among an estimated £4 billion worth of PPE gear deemed ineffective and unfit for NHS use. Fuck me, 4.5 million quid for what amounts to a posh bonfire, nice work if you can get it! Mr Parkin has donated £730,000 to the Conservatives since 2017. But no money to pay health workers a decent wage. What a bunch of disgusting grifters we have running this country, in a civilized country they would be in jail.


I was watching Novara Media interview Peter Hitchens, who stated that Christianity is the country’s official religion, going on to say that unofficially, it’s the NHS.

NM were also saying on Friday that it’ll be difficult for them to push the defund in order to destroy in the way that Chomsky warned us about. I agree with them.

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