🛀 Anyone know anything about plumbing?

Expansion tanks?

What specifically do you want to know?

Is yours leaking? Overflowing? Not filling? Something else?

Went to go up in the loft today and went to get the hatch hook and noticed the white hot water expansion tank had come off the wall and by sheer luck was stuck between the boiler and the towel rack, it would appear the flexi pipe isn’t damage and there is no leak anywhere (yet!) but it it full of water and very very heavy.
I had to reinforce the towel rack (in short put 2x4" braces and laid more 10mm timber across) with one hand whilst holding the fucking tank against the wall balancing on piping, this was a colossal feat of British engineering, strength, luck and dexterity.
The thing is I can’t lift and mount as you can imagine its full and weighs probably near 50kg’s so is it ok to leave it secure on its side until a mate can help me lift and secure?
It won’t affect water pressure, heating or anything else will it?

What’s an expansion tank?


It expands after a good Christmas.

This is what I thought beforehand, apparently its where expanding heated water goes?

Have you tried turning it off and on again?


You’ll find things a lot easier if you can drain the system; this will enable you to remount the tank on the wall (and possibly refit any piping that’s required) while it’s empty. You may prefer to bring in a plumber to do this though.

As it stands, if the tank is secure the system should continue to work OK without affecting the heating etc. But I really wouldn’t leave it that way too long - not that I imagine you’re planning on doing so.


I was just going to say this

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I was just going to say this.

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They secured the tank by simply putting two screws through the mount in to the back panel (not too sure what it is, looks chipboard in the centre probably ply though and my shit eyesight) and screwing in, pure cowboys.

Don’t listen to any of that bollocks advice above. DIY.

To drain tank use a 10mm drill bit a simply drill holes through bottom of the tank to let the excess water out. Once emptied you will be able to attach to wall with the original fixings. Then simply ply holes with some old wine corks which you can trim to fit. You will then be able to rapidly get on with redecorating the ceiling in the room below

Top safety tip. Try and avoid having you extension lead for the drill located under the tank - think electrical safety first!



So, was I

but I would add :-

Turn heating/boiler off, turn your stop cock to stop water coming in the house. Run a hot water tap downstairs until it don’t run no more.

Fix the tank to the wall, properly, also I’d look at seeing if you can get any support under it.

Open the stop-cock to get water back in the house.

Before you turn boiler back on run the hot water taps to get rid of any air.

You shouldn’t have to bleed any radiators as you haven’t drained them but you might have to.

Oh, and look to getting your system replaced with a combi-boiler, much more efficient.


…and no storage or expansion tanks.


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Ring a plumber.

Surely this is not beyond the means of Barry “Cressington manse” Sanchez.

I’ve got no doubt its a cheap ass system, where do I turn this off? The draining bit and the turning the water off isn’t an issue and will this fuck up the central heating?

What you on about Willis?

You were asking if anyone knew anything about plumbing.

Plumbers generally do. Ring one of them mushes.

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