🛀 Anyone know anything about plumbing?

Get a cheap Polish one while you still can.


Why? If I can sort it from someone who knows they pass on information and I in turn learn something, stick to puters mush.

What your about to learn, is the wonder of water’s ability to ruin everything.
For this you can blame your own inability to pay someone that knows what they are talking about, what they are worth(yes, they are worth that much. Show me an estate agent/banker/whatever tory cunt, that can keep you warm and dry).
Real value Barry. It’s about time you learned that(living up north and all the endless shit you spout about respect for northern working class).
Pay the going rate and help keep a local community, or be a tory cunt. Your choice.

P.S I’m not a plumber but the solution is simple(just from your pictures).
Pay the plumber tory :joy:

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Why? Tested the Schrader valve and no water came out so no leak, put the supporting batten up, quit bitching you soft fanny.
Got no issues paying a plumber at all, but I don’t run to a professional at the first time of asking as its something I may be able to do.
For a boomer you’re sure as shit like an 18 year old.

Quite right baz. No point running to a professional when you can run to a football forum.


Thats it, theres far more self importance and knowledge on here than in the outside World, when I read some on the things on here I have to remind myself I’m not in a room with Plato or Aristotle…

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Why? To save the tedious shit about plumbing.

Besides, it’s for your own good and that of everybody else. Be honest. You don’t really want to do Plumbing by Internet, and no-one else wants to be liable for your Plumbing by Internet.

It’s not a good idea. It’s your fucking house, dude. Get a professional in.

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Sod that, I want a laugh. Baz crack on a fix it yourself and then post pictures of you and the missus knee deep in water in the kitchen


There is nothing to be fixed, it hasn’t ruptured, its just needs to be mounted but its fucking heavy, fucks sake, I’d post that as I want a new kitchen.

I’m sure you’ve mounted heavier things


Ha Ha!

If i’m like an 18 year old, what are you?
I looked at the pictures and it was obvious (would be disappointed if my daughter hadn’t worked it out in seconds, but then again she is 19 now).
You clearly didn’t know (why start a thread over wise).
I do hope you’ve dealt with it sufficiently, because not being a tory, i wouldn’t laugh at your ruined Christmas if you get it wrong.
Take Bob’s advice and use some brackets (if wall is solid), or build a base for it to sit on.
I’d still advise a plumber as you’ve probably got a condensing boiler rather than a combi(illegal to fit now, unless the tories have scrapped that) and there are major differences in how they work, which being as i’m not(and neither is my daughter) a professional plumber i won’t try to advise about.
Just remember, fuck it up and everything below is ruined.
Last time i looked at TV there was an advert(credit card banking thiefs) that mentioned something about certain things being priceless. Don’t make it one of those moments :wink:

Of course I didn’t know (I can’t remember what I initially asked) as if I did why would I ask?
The brace I’ve put to the ply wall is more than enough as you can see x14 60mm full threaded screws (2 were holding it initially for 10 years simply screwed through the board), the system is working ie central heating and hot water.
Do I phone a plumber to simply give me a hand in remounting it? (This involved running a bracket around the emission tank and running a holding bolt through to secure)
I’d say he’d either call me a bellend and or make up a job to do on the system.

To be honest I am called a bellend walking down the street so he’d go for bleeding the radiators or something…

Refixing yourself, not a problem, but a few quid for a pro to check it isn’t a big deal and always better than the ceiling falling through.
Are you that distanced from working people that you know no one that can recommend an honest professional?

Er no.

I checked the valve no leak, the heating and hot water is on, its ok on its side for the interim, the mounting board is up and secure (very secure), I did phone the tarmac guy who did our drive 5 years ago to check the asphalt last week mind…

No chance.
They’ve all moved back to here.

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I’m Dreaming of a Wet Christmas.


Mine is going to be moist and warm with a few blackouts

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