🩸 🐍 Alice Cooper, Stranglers and MC5's at MEN

Wow what an incredible night, finally getting to see Alice Cooper at long last. My 1st ever LP was Billion Dollar Babies … and 4 tracks from it were featured, with the Title Track probably being the highlight of the show for me. Graet showmnaship and music and with 3 guitarists belting out riffs it was a powerful show indeed. Thoroughly recommend seeing him … he’s not lost it at all, and he’s not just an ageing artiste doing a tour to top up his pension pot!! He rocked.
The Stranglers … 6th time I’ve seen them, but 1st time in such a big arena and one where we were sat down … doesn’t really work for them. Being support means a reduced setlist and they didn’t reach the heights of previous gigs. Ok, but not the right venue at all.
Funniest moment was adlib of lyrics to Peaches … changing the lyrics from 'I can think of a lot worse places to be, Like down in the streets Or down in the sewer, or even on the end of a skewer" … to “Being sat in The Stretford End, on a Saturday afternoon”
Inititially I wasn’t going to see the 1st support act listed as MC50, luckily a quick google just before I left I discovered it was The MC5’s name change to celebrate 50 years together. I went in early to watch them out of a sense of homage to the band who brought us the immortal lines “Kick out The Jams Muther Fuckers” which I’ve seen covered by a multitude of bands over the years. They were fine, several of the guys including singer were from original line up so even older than me!! Once again obviously the arena way too big but a fun band who would be worth seeing in a small venue.
All in all a great night, but one thing that struck me, was that this was my first gig in a huge all seater indoor arena for absolutely yonks, and the crowd were all so well behaved when it came to the end of the set the call for an encore was barely above enthustiastic clapping. Back in my day you had to scream, hollar, whistle etc for all you were worth to get an encore, now it’s just a given!! I thought maybe it was just a Dubai thing but no, it seems this is the way things work now. A bit like how Sky, The EPL and all seater stadiums have watered down the atmosphere at Football matches. Olde git rant over.
Peac and love maaaaan. x


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