AI will have a bigger impact on society than the industrial revolution and society isn't ready

AI will have a bigger impact on society than the industrial revolution and society isn't ready


There will need to be huge shift in government policy and thinking. It’s not a pie in the sky sci fi dystopia stuff. I will happen.


You can call me Al


I was trying to be sensible dude :laughing:


Sorry ted!



Works every time.

Or, turn it of and on again

But Ted. When you say “I will happen” do you mean we’re already communicating with a bot?


But Cobham. When you say “turn it of” did you make a typo also?


I. Am. A. Robot. Autocorrect. Will. Be. Deleted. Ted. L.O.L


I thought it would be an interesting discussion. But I should’ve known better :slight_frown:


Anyway, back on topic. AI does seem to be a challenge. What do you do with people whose jobs are displaced? People need to have meaning in their lives and currently work defines most people. How can we give meaning to people and ensure they are financially supported so they don’t rise up and smash the machines? Maybe don’t go down the machine route? I dunno.


Well, there’s a reason tech companies have invested billions in AI (not AL fats) It drives profits and it’s more efficient for companies. AI isn’t also future age robotics. It’s the self checkout at Tesco, the McDonalds touch screen etc,


I’d be happy for my job to become obsolete because of Al as long as he wanks me off.


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Please keep on topic, Ted. Some of us are trying to have a serious discussion here.


Jeez this was a thread about techno fear and the future of society in a post AI world. Sadly i’ve had to descend to the trash talk


I’ll be honest with you, ted. I fear most things in life. I’m shit at it. I’d rather be killed by something that couldn’t detect the fear in my eyes than something that could. In all honesty that’s just vanity and pride. So for that reason, when it comes to Al, I’m out.


Fair enough mate. Unfortunately my default position is I worry about everything.


This is just the latest thing i’m obsessed about


I’ve had 2 weeks off from work, so i’m going a bit stir crazy.


I’m derailing my own thread goddamnit :slight_frown:


Two weeks! Jammy cunt.