🌥⛈ Actual Summer Holidays 2021 / 22 / 23/ 24

Just because I posted a picture of the grandkids in the pool ?

Actually, it’s because I’m surprised you haven’t heard of Nectre, the new loyalty card for ghosts.

Not the way I smell it. :lou_lol:

I am joining the ranks of the aged

The Ayatollah has booked us on a cruise - 7 nights in Norway on Queen Anne. We were going to do this pre Covid when she worked at Carnival but it got cancelled. Unfortunately she no longer works at carnival and as a result this is costing twice as much for a cabin two level below what we were going on

Two weeks ago this wasn’t even on the agenda

Day 1: we should go away for a week in August
Day 2: Maybe we should look at that cruise again
Day 3: I have been looking at cruises - queen Anne is available
Day 4: You know, I really would quite like to do it
Day5: i might just book it
Day 6: Sister in law say to me - I hear you are going on a cruise
Day 7: Cruise not on website, Ayatollah has tantrum, I chuckle
Day 8: Strings pulled and we are committed

Not once had I given any indication that I wanted to go (or as she said not once did I indicate that I didn’t)

My first input was to buy the drink package

Tune in next week for “Coach trips to Highcliffe”

Because I work on the high seas I have always refused to girlfriends and wives that cruises were off the holiday list. I will do the occaisional ferry ride but that is it.

I was continually badgered to go on a cruise. All of Lady Slowlane’s family cruised but my argument was that I’d never be old enough to go on one.
In the end I had to give in as my good lady wanted to go on one for her 60th.
Being a man of the people, I ruled out Cunard as a school friend bleated on endlessly how wonderful Cunard’s world cruise was. He’d spent over £30k on one back in 2008. Cunt!

Did the one you go on look like this??


Friend of ours from Bompey dragged her sister screaming onto a cruise to Norway 3 weeks ago.
Like you a bunch of over my dead body threats were to no avail.

24 hours after getting home after the “horrors” they booked another longer cruise for next year.

You are old, get used to it…