🌥⛈ Actual Summer Holidays 2021 / 22 / 23/ 24

Seeing as there is a tiny glimmer of hope of going somewhere this year - what’s your plans.

Today I replaced a trip Cyprus for a week in Suffolk in May - go me

Hoping for a month in Tahiti. Will probably have to settle for a weekend on the Isle of Wight.

My 1st trip up the mountain. Yes I cheated, went by horse & carriage for the 1st 5km, last stretch after a Gluhwein 1.5in at 1385m ouch.
Unbelievable weather.
Morskie Oko lake is like the spiritual home of Poland. Simply stunning.
Here is a taster.

Note hiking in a Natural Park counts as doing sport. So we had to demask(could breath anyway with it on!) And social distanced

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Fuck Sake 2 METRES!

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A couple of weeks in the west of Ireland if they’ll let us in.

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Hopefully going to Crete for 2 weeks in June for a holiday and family wedding with my girlfriend’s family.

Meant to be going to Portugal with some friends at some point as well - less convinced that Portugal will happen given cases there vs. Greece

Not family groups or Bubbles!
Up there everyone was pretty good. Down in town seems a fvcktards epidemic 300 fines yday on main street. 1 bloke gave it large and they doubled the fine then he tried to bribe them as hed lose his job.
In jail attempted murder spreading Covid & bribing a cop.
Looking at 10 years!

Maybe off to Spain in the motorhome in June if we can, or somewhere nearer home. Have a safari booked for September but my gut feeling is we’ll have to postpone.

Don’t believe the Greek numbers - they come from the 1,2 skip a few school of counting

Campervan booked for long weekend at end of August. Fuck knows where we will be going. To a pub hopefully.


3 days doing research.
Most Brits come to Krakow do the A List tours drink cheap beer.
Nowt wrong with that.
Our Maltese crew come for a week & head to the spiritual home of Poland - Zakopane in the mountains.
You may already know I love that place.
This week the confluence of hotel openings & snow melt gave us the chance to visit the places we rush past when doing the basic taxi run down there.
Quite simply stunning.
Day 1 the Castle & Lake, the Train Museum & the back road - 8 hours of scenery & playing on trains.
Day 2 Morskie Oko - heaven. Most of our groups go up & down by horse. We walked down. I am still broken. My calf muscles Sarah but every 10m the view was stunning.
Today, some tourist stuff - smoked cheese, slippers & silly Beanie hats, a drive through the skiing centres of Bukowina Tatranska & Bialy, Czarny Gora stunning. A castle above a frozen lake with dudes fishing on the ice, a Soa town which has a Craft WATER bar! - the mineral water is amazing, different depths of well have different minerals, and about a dozen “Sanitoriums” - not the type to send certain posters but each with different treatments based on the depth of their walls. Go skiing, have a glass of cure aching legs water, go skiing again. Perfect.
A drive up the Dunajac valley & Biala Forest.
And home
It breaks our hearts to see everyone struggling through lack of trade, but what a 3days we had and in all that time, never even went into Zakopane itself.

Need a holiday? €150 a day. Just now need a double jab certificate or a negative test.
Pics tomorrow

Brecon Beacons for us. Just for a few days whilst Kid Goat is getting leathered at Reading. Just a fucking joy to have something to write on the calendar.

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Sandy Balls in August, getting an extension done (fully taxed before you ask) so no crazy holidays this year, possibly Majorca in October.

Beach holiday eh? Nice, where you going? :lou_wink_2:

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Shameless advertising


Part one

North Norfolk in May if everything goes to plan. Can cancel up to 2 weeks before so should have an idea if the roadmap was too soon.
We’ve not been in a while, it’s nice and we need to get out of our borough for a bit. I’ve not been further than a 3 mile radius from our flat, all by foot since January and only about 2 car journeys in December.

Did the Beacons a few years back. Seriously chilled out, great views, a few bike rides for me, a few spa sessions for (at that time) Mrs B and bloody friendly locals and decent pubs. :+1::+1:

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No plans to do anything just yet. Festivals are normally what we do for holidays and even if they go ahead, I think they’re going to be unplayable for a bit. The amount of people Jonesin’ for them on Facebook is incredible.

If we do anything, it’ll be testing out the theory that one can just go camping with a bunch of like minded friends, spend several days getting smashed and things not actually being that different :wink:


Yeah we aren’t too sure about festivals this year either. I know people are desperate to get back to it all but seems a bit too early.

I was surprised when jlaw was enthusiastic about possible plane travel in September. Think he is being quite optimistic given he’s barely been out of the house since March last year.

Look at this bloody show off.
I nearly ran the bastard over when he woke me this morning.