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Alright, so we’ve had a bit of recent debate (e.g. @scotty putting his oar in about my bold claim about Die Hard).

And we’ve sort of done this topic before. We already have a best 80s action thread and I am sure that many of the choices here will also be choices there.

I already know the correct answer. What are the best action films of all time?

For starters:

Sci-Fi action - Predator, Robocop, The Matrix.
War action - Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan.
Martial Arts action - Enter The Dragon, The Raid.
Dystopian future action - Mad Max Fury Road
Comedy action - Big Trouble in Little China
Capeshit action - The Dark Knight, Superman II

Kelly’s Heroes


The bridge is up!

Full metal Jacket
Top gun

I’ve just flicked through Time Out’s top 100. Surprised at how few of them I’ve even seen, but out of those my picks are Vanishing Point, Bullitt, and the French Connection.

They list From Russia With Love as their only Bond, my pick of the Bond’s as an action film would have to be Casino Royale, the Craig one obviously.

I would point out that saying the film was the best ever action film was a bold claim. I wasn’t disputing the claim, although the only one of the Die Hard franchise I’ve actually seen I found so self-congratulatory and self indulgent that I didn’t really notice the quality of the action scenes. No idea which one it was, it seemed to consist of Willis nonchalantly acting out heroics such as bringing down helicopters by launching cars up ramps, and being hyperbolically idolised for them by his daughter’s would-be boyfriend. I’m pretty sure it was one of the sequels.

1 and 3 are decent, the rest are pish.

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I said it was one of the best.

The correct answer is Aliens.

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I’ve never managed to watch the whole of Aliens either :smile:

Do we hand out bans for this sort of confession?


I’ve never seen Star Wars either. In fact, off the top of my head the only space films I remember seeing are 2001/2010, Morons From Outer Space, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Galaxy Quest and Flesh Gordon. :smile:


You’ve already said it but I was going to say Aliens, full stop.

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Can’t disagree with these

Theatrical version though. The extended version doesn’t have the flow.

I like the automatic guns in the Extended version that aren’t in the Theatrical, they’re the only bits that added anything.

It works better when they turn up at LV-426 and the audience doesn’t have a scooby what’s going on.

I’m actually okay with the extended character bits but that part causes the film to drag.

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Galaxy Quest is the best Star Trek film.


Aliens is a masterpiece, no doubt.

Some other suggestions are very good too. Also worthy of mention - Where Eagles Dare, Ronin and Leon.

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I was being slightly provocative when I said I had the correct answer.

But only slightly.