👶 A Royal Baby Thread

:baby: A Royal Baby Thread


Best Sandwich Maker and Least Likely to Need Hair Gel In A Theatre of War.


I heard that too. Utter tripe. Let’s get some random bird with 3 kids on and ask her what advise she’d give them. She said establishing a routine is vital. Good advice for ordinary folk, but I’m sure they’ve already got the army of nannies, arse wipers and milk producers sorted to give mum a couple of weeks off to get ready for Wimbledon.


And it’s not like they haven’t got 2 kids already is it…


The Daily Heil has the headline, ‘Little Prince Perfect’. With a 16 page souvenir pull out! 16 pages? FFS,.


How many copies did you buy?


Here’s hoping that they call him Albert. Good family name, that.



OK who fuckin resurrected this thread?

@BTripz as if I didn’t know…

No one gives a shit.

Even the great grandparents I think…


There’s one born every minute


I have been in the pub all afternoon at an important meeting tbf.


You cynics…it’s an important day in every parent’s life. This was a great day for MY parents…I’m the one in the flowing gown after the ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral.


They’ve changed the brickwork at St. Paul’s since you were born i notice.
Terrible destruction of some fine(but rather pissed) historical brickwork.
No wonder you keep turning down the knighthood😂

Edit:just noticed the windows. How could they replace them with some old stained glass shit.


Yeah, metal framed, single glazed- that was the way forward. None of that snowflake double or triple glazing. It was “put another jumper on” in those days!


That was the post-christening reception at The Ritz in The Strand, at least that’s what my dad told me. Don’t worry the war damage to St Paul’s had been finished by the time of my ceremony. The stained glass had mostly been replaced with glass from broken beer bottles in green and brown…nice.


Had the Ritz even been built after the war - the Great War that is?


Cheeky bastard…as you can see I have both parents in attendance at the time. The Ritz survived the WWII blitz and were offering a “Christening Celebration” package which included a glass of fortified wine and Marmite sandwiches for 10 guests at an all-in price of £3 17s 6d. Like royalty the tax payer picked up the bill as the family were on supplimentary benefits.





Well, given the fragrant Ms Markle’s genes i hope the baby is really really black. The christening photos would be something to behold.:open_mouth:


Not that it bothers me, but IF Di was still around could have been Royal Family’ 1st black Muslim member. #integrationishappening