👶 A Royal Baby Thread

:baby: A Royal Baby Thread


And on St George’s day hopefully.

Time for a Sotonians Street Party?


No, no, no, no!!

The only perosn that can start little baby Cambridge threads is @bearsy , srs, RIP


Nice to see Kay Burley getting all moist about something other than chemical weapons


I am Beartacus


Its a Boy


I’ve been deciding whether I give a f**k or not…I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t.



This must be like Christmas on steroids for the gammon brigade, a Royal Baby born on St George’s day.

Sales of Carling will be through the roof no doubt.


Shame they wasted the name George on the other one


Daft bint on the radio this morning said they should call the baby Stella (if it was a girl obvs) because that’s what people drink on St George’s day.

I was going to write a strongly worded email pointing out that Stell Artois is a Belgian beer but I couldn’t be arsed.


Probably related to the Belgian royals so probs ok


The worst of this is media like the bbc asking parents of three children what advice they would give Wills and Kate. Like Jo from Milton keynes would know what the optimum nanny to child ratio is or the best montessori nursey to use.


My advice would be to remember to feed it live prey and don’t worry if it occasionally sheds its skin.


Watching Sky news where Amber Rudd was squirming and trying to pretend she gives a shit for the Windrush generation (outside of their unfathomably loyal votes) when we cut to Kay Burley mewing over a bald bloke getting out of a car with two small children before walking into a hospital.


Some woman on the BBC news was practically wetting herself. Said she had been waiting outside the hospital for two weeks. Surely these people should be taken away and euthanized.


Would be much more interesting if they posted the copulation video on a porn site.


“…and now the royal gynacologist inserts the insemination syringe…”



What did he get his medals for?


Basically cos his granny has sat her arse on the throne for 50 and 60 years