🦏 A nice animal


Say hello to Mr Pangolin

These are very rare and secretive creatures, it is thought there are only about 10,000 left, but they all look quite samey so it might be less than that and someone has double counted.
They can vary in size from 6 inches to 4 feet long, it has been speculated that the smaller specimens might just be baby ones.
They mostly eat termites and ants with their long sticky tongue, but are also quite partial to scampi nik naks.
They tend to be quite solitary as they have trust issues, but will frequently meet up with other pangolins, aardvarks, armadillos, porcupines and the like for full on inter-species banging sessions, what they lack in social grouping skills they make up for with their level of acceptance and pansexual attitudes.

Nice rating: 6/10


Surprised you fell for that Gavs. That is actually an animal based on the artwork for the ELP album Tarkus…

They’ve just taken the tracks off that poor animal and stuck legs on it. :unamused:

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That is an armadillo. Pangolins are peaceful sex obsessed creatures and would not allow themselves to become weaponised.


This fella is a nice animal, versatile too. Bacon, chorizo, Serrano, chops, sausages, Roast, pulled

A cracking (crackling?) creature


Bertie has PM’d me asking if you have any links to documentary footage of the mating process of these creatures for research purposes.

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I’ll leave that picture there. I think most viewers will see your comments and judge them, as I have…crude anti-armadillo propaganda. :rage:


I deeply regret that my earlier comments have been taken out of context, they were posted at a time of high stress and do not reflect my thoughts and feelings towards the wider armadillo community (just to be clear I am not calling armadillos fat). I am suspending myself pending an investigation and will do (as I always have done despite this minor misunderstanding) everything in my power to root out anti-armadilloist sentiment wherever it may exist, I will refer all observers to seek out my good work with the ‘Armadillos: Treat with acceptance/thoughtfulness/sympathy’ initiative.



Amur Tiger : Who wouldn’t want one of these cuddly little fellows sitting on your lap whilst you’re catching up with your favourite programme. Scratch him behind the ears and he’ll purr until he gets bored and then he may give you a playful swat with his paws.

When you’re asleep at night he will prowl around the neighbourhood ensuring that there is nothing untoward going on.

Food: Most of the local pets and wildlife

Rating : 12/10


Yep, them Tigers are danged cute & cuddly, just love a tickle


Here’s me doing a James Herriott


They’ve all been drugged haven’t they??

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They have an almost rug like torpor


Yeah we had that debate at the time.
Fact was there were about 8 in a large & open pen, a couple of them were snoozing a couple were happily chilling in a “swimming pool” and a couple of others were very active out on the grass.
Different review sites said different things before we went.
Also when we met the smaller guys (about 6 months old) they were mega active, 1 knocked me out the way to chase a beaten up football, and one bit Mrs P_F on the head which I of course caught on camera rather than rescuing her.

So yes they could have been drugged, equally keeping them drugged 8 hours a day while others were active cast that in doubt.
Equally, the actual money they raise for Tiger habitat preservation & work with wildlife charities to educate villagers and rescue injured & abused animals swung it for us.
I know it’s personal opinions, but walking in that pen with the youngsters jumping around & grabbing my shoulders to give me a kiss was the 2nd bravest thing I’ve done.

(Kissing a Saltwater Croc at a gig by Steve Irwin’s team was the bravest - but I played that down at the time by saying it was less horrific than having to kiss the ex)


Yeah, I think I would have been a bit nervous going in…

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Just ensured that picture is now viral on social media… “We Have To Stop The Horrifying Molestation of These Beautiful Creatures…let’s make sure there is no hiding place for these vile people. Not even Poland!”


I do agree the “problem” sentiment seemed out of character but it does point out the appalling bias of the MSM and the judgmental nature of social media that can all to frequently paint a false impression of the facts.

I hope in future you’ll research more completely before using a convenient untruth to stigmatise a carefully researched, insightful piece. It’s the kind of error I have managed to remove from my interactions on social media.




That poor animal has spent too much time inside.

It clearly needs exercise and to work off that unsavoury gut.




It lost 26kg since that unfortunate encounter


So the tiger did take off a leg then