⚽ :saints: A genuine quandary 🤷‍♂️


Living in Liverpool and have two “scouse” kids (techically not scouse as they were born in Whiston but there we go) how do I get them to support Southampton, any ideas? How can I pass on years of not winning anything to them? Do I? Shall I just buy kits for them or do I wait and see?



If they moan as much as you the scouse cunts are welcome to their support.



Don’t ever tell your kids about your “love” for Southampton FC would be my advice, and even then, it’s a long shot.

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Bit strong, moaning and complaining is well over 50% of what being a supporter is about, its caring, being compliant is something I hope they never will be.



1st born was a Daughter. Took her to 1st game ZDS Final Wembley. Not really bothered by football but understands enough to act as neutral between me & Spurs some in law.
Middle son took to Milton Road when he was 5. He’s been a fan ever since & flies back from Cologne to watch when he can.
Youngest - I blinked. Ex wife & her played for Liverpool Reserves with Steve Heighway. Ex’s Dad took him on a tour of Anfield aged 4. Only seen 2 live games both at SMS, Arnhem & Villa.
So answer is.
Take them to SMS, do the stadium tour, get them the gear, buy burgers & watch the game with them. Even do the big boys thing & take them to the Pib beforehand & let them have a Coke & Packet of Crisps.


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He’s only 2 but he will be coming to St Marys to watch matches, the daughter is 5 and not really interested, its an uphill battle I feel but a battle I must fight!



You need to tell them that Southampton FC is the greatest football club in the world, with the best players, manager, owners, stadium and fans ever. Think you can manage that without choking on the words? :lou_wink_2:



Did that with my son a couple of times, turns out he’s not interested in football and would rather play Fortnite!!

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Nope, moaning about something over 50% of the time is pretty much the opposite of support.

Kids generally feed off enthusiasm. My kids are gamers because they saw me having fun with the GameCube and got involved.

If I’d have spent most of my time moaning about it, they’d think “ah, dad is not having a fun time. Best swerve that”. Like they did with the washing up.



Pap, trust me most football fans moan like fuck about their team, incessantly whinge about them but they’d never change their allegiance or support its just their way as they care.
They know the clubs owners, shareholders, players and managers are visitors who really deep down in the most couldn’t give a shit as its a career or stepping stone, we don’t have that luxury, we’re burdened with it we’re or I will go to the grave with it and the club with me.
Supporting a team like ours isn’t supposed to be fun, fucksake how naive is that, its a duty and one of love but fun ha ha! Thats so Premiership and modern football, its love and love isn’t fair or and it sure as shit doesn’t make sense so don’t try to rationalise it as you can’t.
We don’t choose, Southampton FC chose us and thats it buttercup.



Saints Kit every year
Take them to games
MLT YouTube vids on a loop
Deride other glory hunting kids friends
Beat them
Disown them

Maybe not the last two

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From my experience, they won’t be interested unless you take them to loads of games. Even then, it isn’t guaranteed. Add in to that a 10 hour round trip of listening to you whinging on about the club, the owners, how shite Southampton is compared to everywhere else and I think your task is nigh on impossible. Derby is much closer, so you could try them?



Thats a possibility but I’d rather Southampton for the nightlife and restaurants afterwards…

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There was a time Haute cuisine in Southampton was a warm pie or the KFC by the civic centre, now in its an average burger in a reconditioned shopfront selling hand crafted ales under the name featuring words like
“kitchen” “tap” “brewery” “alehouse”…



I thought we were nicknamed the alehouse brawlers so that’s appropriate



Why bother trying to indoctrinated them into the weird cult like tribalism of football. Let them choose what they want to be.

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Because thats what it is its tribalism in its purest form, right or wrong.



Who’ll be taking him?

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The mother superior.