:carabao_cup: ⚽ 4th Round 2022/23 - :saints: Saints v Lincoln City :lincolncityfc:

Full draw:

Wolves v Gillingham
Southampton v Lincoln City
Blackburn Rovers v Nottingham Forest
Newcastle v Bournemouth
Manchester City v Liverpool
Manchester United v Burnley
MK Dons v Leicester
Charlton v Brighton

All matches will be played in the week commencing 19 December.

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Howe v Bompey :+1::+1::smile:

Citeh v Dippers :ok_hand::ok_hand::+1:

Game moved forward 24 hours due to medical strikes

Poll bitches :-

  • 6 weeks of training under our new manager, whatshisname, has the players playing together. :lincolncityfc: to be well beaten
  • The :saints: players are still on the beach, :lincolncityfc: to roll them over.
  • Football’s back
  • :saints: to win AET
  • :lincolncityfc: to win AET
  • :saints: to win on penalties
  • :lincolncityfc: to win on penalties

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KWP is back and available for selection.
Larios & Tino not yet trained enough to be considered.

Can I please request an option be created for:

Saints to win and false hope to be temporarily restored.


It’s a small step in the minds of a fan from beating Lincoln to pissing the prem

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Might find on dodgy streams then


the odds are shit for this


thats on 25 down

Saves you 25 quid though

its already down

6 squid is sick squid

There’s no extra time

FFFS :lou_facepalm_2:

Back 3/5. :unamused:

No Lavia? Off to Chelsea? :unamused:

Elyounoussi providing the creative spark. :unamused:

Armstrong up front. :unamused:

Nathan Jones out.

Joking aside, I was actually hoping to see something different in terms of personnel. Like maybe one of the players who couldn’t win over Ralph, has impressed the new manager and we’d see something, well, as I say - different. Mara being the one who springs to mind. Could be a bit of a wildcard, maybe? Nah, I didn’t really think so either but every now and again I like to prove to myself that I can be optimistic.

I hope he can get a tune out of them because we’ve seen these players and this system before and it ain’t been pretty.

That said, COYS!


that started well then


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Goes back to dinner party talking political history of Poland