🤪 2019 General Election Discussion :gov:

OK, it looks like we’re heading to a general election in early or mid-December. So here is a thread to allow us to share our views.

Whilst this election will likely be about Brexit, I’d like to keep the discussion of the rights or wrongs of Brexit from this thread.

This may or may not be possible but offending posts will be moved or deleted.

By all means, discuss how Brexit is being used as a device in the election by both sides but let’s not find ourselves debating Brexit. We already have a thread for that.

Keep it civil. Flag posts that you feel are off-topic, inappropriate or just don’t belong here.

Have at it.


Just spotted something in the Labour pitch that I hadn’t seen before

Apparently 10% of shares in UK listed company’s will be placed into trust for the workers. So far so good.

The workers will then received dividends from those companies when they pay out. Even better.


The won’t get the capital growth because they cannot sell and worse, any dividend payment will be restricted to £500. Any surplus will be taken by the government.

Firstly quite how Labour will get this away without the Footsie 250 tying them up in court forever is one thing.

Secondly, it would be the end of the LSE - no company in their right mind would list there as they would have to pay a 10% tax on the value of their business

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The Lib Dems on coalition…

Just watched Lib Demmer Philip Lee on Sky say that (something like) “…any responsible party would cooperate in a hung parliament situation”

Kay Burley challenged him if he would go into coalition with Labour. His response was “We’re not going put Jeremy Corbyn into number 10”. He said this twice.

She then said “So you’d be happy to go into coalition with the Tories?”

He said “We don’t particularly want Boris Johnson in number 10 either”

So what is the Lib Dem’s position on coalition? Anyone seen anything definitive?

Vote paves the way for parliament to be dissolved on 6 November

Bloody hell Parliament should be gone on Nov 5th.
the public can legally get hold of explosive devices before then. All we need is somebody to plant them as previously.
NB dont get caught.

They believe that they will win sufficient seats that they would be the dominant coalition party?

Swinson has mentioned being PM at the conference - so maybe that’s it

Actually the better option and less nuclear would be to have some form of profit sharing based upon the dividends paid

That way you achieve the distribution to the worker without fucking yourself

My local MP is standing down.


She was likely (my sense) to get thrown out anyway.

Yeah, that’s perhaps the only way it makes sense.

They’d enter coalition with Labour but only with a Lib Dem as PM.

Swinson has voted with the Tories more than a lot of Tories. She is a Tory.


So…she will only go into coalition with the Tories?

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An interesting analysis of the type of Brexit we may get depending on the result of GE…


Disenchanted with the lot of them. Really cannot see a good option






Sorry for a minor Baz moment: but I have been saying this for a couple of years.

Having met and dealt with MPs from all sides, including the Greens, DUP, etc, they showed almost without exception that they care only about one thing: being re-elected.


A good source of info on constituencies and previous election / referendum results

Another good site to track your MP’s voting record

But but but… you mean I have to get a real job?

Wobbly bottom lip


Boris Johnson losing his seat would be quite nice though?